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A debate of Emo nicks and Messages

Originated from Henry's blog

This is strictly a debate. Nothing more nothing less. There is no intention to shoot or kill anyone's pride watsoever...

1) "Means people who blog their problem also seeking self sympathy?"

Blogs are made for people to blog about their everyday life. Emotional, happy, sad, talk about food, whatsoever, but someone has key in your blog add and then only are they able to access your site and read the emotional posts whereas, on Windows Live, whether or not one chooses to read or not, they still have to read it. To cut it short,
1) Blogs are meant for writing anything
2) But, if it is posted on windows live, it is more of a self sympathy because whether a person likes it or not, everyone will have to see it.

(Mind you, I've been talking about emotional messages/nicks)

2) "Msn is something like a blog la...not everyone visits your blog"

That I don't agree, MSN is not something like a blog. If msn is like a blog, why would people have a blog and msn? And the fact that not everyone visits your blog justifies more so that a person is self sympathizing when a person puts a emotional messages on their msn because no one goes to their blog and read their emotional post so they have to put it on MSN so that others may know.

My message-(1&2 are linked) First of all..i have to disagree with you yet again...a blog and msn is exactly the same...wat's the difference between a blog and msn you say?? well u can write up to 1873524328952 words in a blog...where else your pm in msn is limited...put it this way...why we have emo sub-nicks are probably like a trailer to a this sense...a trailer to your blog...and if you say that one has to see your nickname, well...they can choose not to read the whole sentence....

3) "we don't bother whether people come and you ok ah??sometimes you may even dread it"

The point is, if you don't put it as your personal message, less people will know about your state and less people will come and ask you how you're doing. Putting the message there is like knowing that it's going to rain and you don't want to get wet, but you still stand outside.

My message- That wasn't wat i meant...what i meant was people asking..."so how are things with you and your gf", " so free need go out with gf meh??"...well if they see your nick...they very well know that things are bad and wont be dumb dumb to ask those questions...

4) "and sometimes that nick is supposed to reach the intended recipient..., the fella might get struck by it more than talking face to face..., and maybe because your letting the whole world know its true..., no backing out??"

My message- Sometimes, personal messages doesn't need to be for the whole can be for an intended receipient..
take an example you walk in public then you shout to your fren who lives in an converse...people walk doesn't neccesarily mean you are shouting at the ppl below too?

5) "sometimes u quarrel, then the fella block you or pose off line, then the message will reach to them lor"

My message- Obviously, people who block people after a quarrel quite dumb la...i mean...should settle stuff itself and i think blockin is an immature act....hehe..set aside that, some ppl just wanna show that he is pissed, but then if they know u use sub-emo they wait...and see if you write doesnt neccearily mean things migth patch up or nything...its just to let him/her see...come on...face the fact...if u block sumone...curiousity sure make u check if he wrote something??

6) "its more of a release of your emotions, inspirations, and general thoughts. It's something like a way of self expression"

But, the point is I'm talking about emotional messages and not general messages. Of course if it's messages that are general I would understand if you just want to share it, but why would someone put emotional messages and suggest that their not asking for self sympathy? Right, no?

My message- Well...think about it....sometimes when your angry or feel like letting out...but there is no one to hear you???hence..the blog...but wat if one is just to lazy to write an essay...but can just summarize in a sentence?? won't blog one puny sentence right???so...msn looo...

7) "nicknames always tend to show how one is feeling at that point of time. it not necessarily means self sympathy"

And yet again, I'm talking about emotional messages/ nicknames not merely nicknames.

My message- What it actually means...emo-nicknames la...not just normal

8) "i once know a breakup of a friend through her nickname. its probably a way to remind people not to ask her about 'them'"

Okay lah, asking about "them" is on thing. But being emotional and putting up nicknames which can tell you that they broke up sounds very much to me that that person wants self sympathy. Let's say the person didn't put up that message, you won't even know and ot won't even come to mind right?

My message- Back to question 3....its the's letting ppl know...DND questions about my relationship...get it?? you say if people don't know they won't ask....i STRONGLY a person who has had ex...when you break up or so...people still ask...heck...even in normal conversations, the first question they ask "how's things with your gf/bf"...its like the second thing that comes after.. ' are you..."


Blogger henry g. burped out...

hahaa...getting personal eh? LoL. Hmm, well, alright i get your point. Let's say, no one knows that you broke up with your girlfriend (example only yah) and no one knows about it . So you put that nick because you don't want to get disturbed and wanting to get her out of your mind. Which to what I think is a reasonable way to convey your message to your friends. But then again, by doing that, those that weren't bothered to know SAW your nick the way as it is. Then it will become the hottest topic because everyone is so eager to know. Then one by one will ask their friends. "eh, you know what happen ah?" Then it spread spread spread. Then a few jokers will still message you and ask how you're doing and all. Then you'll still tell right? Then self sympathy lor. (MY VIEW). People say relationship are personal. What could be so wrong that you have to fight or declare it openly for world to know? Is like a family fighting in an open public space. Would you put your girlfriend to shame if she did something wrong? HAHAHA...i think i went a little off tangent. But yeah. I hope you get my gist. I'll be waiting.. hehe

7:01 am  
Blogger henry g. burped out...

whoops..didn't see the rest of the chunk of your replies. Will get to it. =)as soon as i can

7:48 am  
Blogger chickenluck burped out...

hahaha...nothing personal...just a debate ni ah...evryone has diff opinions...good to hear each and every side of one topic...

7:15 am  
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