Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tiga Ratus Pahlawan Berani Mati

that was the malay sub for its title in the cinema..

This show rocksss weiiii....the fight scenes were bombastic...ahaha...and the the gruesome-ness of the the show was cool too....

One thing that suprised me was mild nudity....u could see titties at one part of the wth...u'd think they would like censor those parts...but didn' sure all the guys enjoyed those parts la...but not me im not that kind of person(LOL)....

the titties part...

*spoiler alert*

one of my fav parts was where the queen stabbed a traitor....dunno why...just felt that 'song' feeling that he died..hahaha

there was also this part where one of the persian captains/generals was beheaded...his head was seen flying in the'd think the reaction the ppl in the cinema would be like O.o...but everyone laughed...because of the general's facial

*spoiler ends*

well its a nice very nice show wonder eugene wanted to watch again


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