Monday, April 16, 2007

Introducing the 1st interactive magazine (i-mag) in Malaysia

This company, which Michelle Tai is working at will be sponsoring a maekover for me (yes...i am an ugly person...they are trying to make me look least...:P) return i dedicate this post to Ixtive guys...its free..i've tried it..its an interactive mag filled with features...the fun thing is...u get to click here n there...all u have to do is to download it..and did i mention???.. its free!

What is IF i-mag?

IF i-mag is a new Malaysian-based interactive lifestyle magazine that focuses on the latest fashion, trends, music, art and film. What we are offering the youths of today is possibly the biggest revolution of content publishing, being the first of its kind in Malaysia. Unlike e-magazines, IF i-mag is based on an interactive platform that incorporates animated content, video and sound, and operates from a unique download feature that enables easy playback and reading offline.

IF i-mag is a monthly publication that is distributed online for FREE through our own unique download feature called GiX hence making it accessible worldwide. Unlike traditional magazines, we are able to provide statistic of our readers through our magazine launcher (GiX). GiX is the software that we have created, which will detect the amount of time readers spent on magazine, the amount of time they flip specific pages, and how long they spend on each page.

At Ixtive Media, our mission is to amplify this new media by being the first publisher of such an interactive magazine (i-mag) in the country. With this i-mag that we have envisioned, everything interacts with you. It offers you the mood through sound, movement and text. It will not only react for you, but reacts to you as well. Imagine a product that rotates 360º for you that can transform in colour, backdrops, style, themes for you and much more – now all that at a click of a button or maybe even a touch of the screen.

Now you can watch movie trailers and listen to song clips without having to wait for the clips to buffer! And you can flip each page without having to wait for it to load! How cool is that???

We invite you to be a part of this revolutionary experience, this new wave media!

How to read IF i-mag:

Once GiX is installed, click on "Get a new account"

Fill in your particulars and then click "Login"

Click on any of the issue, then click "Download"

Once it is downloaded, click "Read" and voila!

Check us out @
Our corporate website is

By the way...

The GiX forum is up!!!

Click on and register yourselves there! Feel free to post your feedbacks, suggestions, ideas or questions, okay? ;D

If you have not installed/downloaded GiX, go to now to download!


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