Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A post dedicated to my old stalker friend

I forgot to post this question in my test...

It goes like

"In secondary 3... i had a stalker....her name was"
a)sweet pea
b)sour bee
c)sweet li
d)sweet potato

the answer isssss... C)!!!

Lolz. I kinda miss being stalked laaa. Everywhere you go, you're being followed. During recess, you see her face somewhere. When the bell rings to signify the end of school, you see her waiting for you at the back gate.

It all started with me playing with fire. I was bored. It was a new class .A new year. And I was the class monitor I wanted to do something stupid or fun. All i did was just leave a note under the desk . Little did I know that it was a start of sthing big.

The next day, i received a reply. I can't really remember what she replied but it was kinda exciting that she replied so i played along.

Time passed and i found out she liked me (come on la sweet li...no denying it...teehee). Ok..like like la. But soon she started stalking me. Back then it was scary. I was constantly being watched. It was that feeling when everywhere you go, you have that nagging feeling that someone is watching you. And true enough, when i turn back, i see her following me. Though sometimes, she would pretend that she is doing her own thingy. She does not stalk alone. She gets her fren Dim Sum Sy to follow her so it wouldn't look weird. I guess it was some stalkin strategy. Maybe she should create a book titled "An idiot's guide to stalking".Lol.

Back then i was freaked out. It carried on for about half a year. I ignored her everyday. She would only try harder to get me to notice her. One day, she called me and asked me for help. It went like

Sweetums: Bryan....i need help!

OH so hottie: Huh??? What help??

Sweetums: Shit wei...i got problem...i dunno how to fix.

Damn Cute Guy: Why what's wrong? Something spoilt??

Sweetums: Yeahla...i dunnno how to put my Sim card in to my phone!!!

Amazingly Leng Zhai: What phone is that??( tot it was some canggih phone)

Sweetums: 3310

F*ckin awesome hunk: -_-"

Hahahaha....damn cute la...then i started getting panicky

Sweetums: Come meet me after skewl la...back gate..

Brad pitt lookalike: 3310 only wor...i tell you know how to do it...you remove the battery...

Sweetums: AIYOH!!! i dunno wei...meet me after skewl la...i seriously dunno wei..

OMG Friggin CUTE!!: But...dowan la....

Sweetums: Wei(worked up di)...dun so mean la...come la..

So cute can die: I can't ...urrr.... i have something on tom...

Sweetums: Where got?(stalker knows evrything) Dun have wor dun lie...come la awhile only...

Hehehe sick of me yet?: Dowan la...not free

Sweetums: You owe me a kiss wei...

Bryan: cannot la..really cannot...bye bye...*hangs up*

LOLZ...I admit tat i was mean. But that time, i also small maaa. So yeah. About the kiss part hor, it happened b4 the stalking started. Before i met her. Haha. I flirt ma...buaya ma...haha...So talk shit lo. I continued ignoring her. This time really pretending she don't exist.

So time passed and she stopped stalking me(approx 6 mth). I tot it was safe to come out of cover. So i msn her. And tried to become friends. Then it started again! she started stalking me again. How i found out was, I noticed her following me so i asked my frens to accompany to walk behind the hall. We hid there. And true enough, she came and when she saw us waiting she ran back and hid...ahhahaa.. We stayed there for awhile chatting and she occasionally popped her head to see if we were still there. SO i ignored her all over again.

Along the years. She got together with some other guys, matured mentally and PHYSICALLY and got some influence. She wasn't the stalker i used to know. Then only i started talking to her.

Now can consider okok frens lo. I asked her to do my quiz and she demanded a post dedicated to her. Now she is damn friggin hot n sexy la. Idiot...why last time not lidat? LOLZ...

(ok la....I MAY have exaggerated ABIT!!!! :P)

The stalker...


Blogger michsue burped out...

HAHAHAHA!!! kiddo... brad pitt lookalike, huh...? darn funny la ur post... kena stalked by a super hot chick oso u wanna complain... haisehhh... ;P but i wonder why she stalked u? her taste so bad wan ar? kakakakaka!!!

7:15 am  
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