Thursday, October 25, 2007

Woo Weee

College is friggin tiring. Long hours and have to wake up early for class. The weather is not helping's either too hot of too cold...but cold is nice...:)

The thought of college ending in a month is good but exams will be coming soon! Bah! I went and joined a contest yesterday. It has to do with coloured contacts and yeah for entering they gave you a pair daily contacts. Knowing how vein i am i hurried to sign no.. i din bother much but somehow somewhere i ended up joining. So yeah, when the site is updated pls go vote for me yeah!!!!

Other than the college blues, i guess life is pretty ok. Not so emo anymore which is good ;P. Wish i could find a job ler. Then got money to buy my stuff!!! My wishlist is expanding alot lot wei!!

I bought a new its more comfortable typing di...oh crap....i have absolutely nothing else to crap. Oh yeah...i am addicted to CS to play...:P...


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