Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Warmth

I finally stepped foot into a mall after a long time(lol...not that long actually).It was after my exams that I was walking in one u I saw the Christmas deco being put up. A strange feeling came upon me...warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas. Then a flashback happened just like those movies..back when i was small. I used to anticipate Christmas months before it and I actually ticked the days to Christmases off on calendars that hung on my bedroom walls. When i went to shopping malls there would be carols playing and decorations hung up. On Christmas eve i would wait innocently by the tree and open 1 present...or maybe 2. The reason? i didn't want it to end all on one night so i waited to open the rest on Christmas day itself.Gosh thinking back makes me miss how it was last time.

I thought to myself. What happened these few years. The anticipation was gone and Christmas was...well... another day of the year. What happened to that warm fuzzy feeling i used to have? The answer was clear when the flashback ended. Why did i feel this feeling all of a sudden after years?? I realized that back then when i was a kid, i had no problems. No issues. No commitment of what sorts. As growing up responsibilities grow and that feeling just subsides. I suddenly had that feeling because i had finally ended my diploma and had holidays till feb! yeah...great joy...stress gone and all! So i guess that was why i had that same ol' feeling. I guess the song White Christmas really is really meaningful where it goes 'Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart, Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts'.

My past Christmases was pretty plain and boring as i really didn't have that Christmas mood due to loadsa probs and all. Well, i now realized that Christmas wouldn't be enjoyable if you don't want it to be. It all depends on how you want it to be.

Ps: Not forgetting the true meaning of Christmas where Christ was born on that day itself!!
Pps: Christmas is in exactly one month!


this portion of this post is dedicated to DingDong Yin Li....sweetli's sister...which also means my ex-stalker's sister...yes....i had to put that fact down...

well yinli is cute, has hot legs and a cun chick...but da fact that she is underage is such a pfft...
i have absolutely nothing else to say....


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