Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seafood 1-5!! And DBSK...heck...i think they fit in one category...

Knowing seafood friends make you do seafood stuff. I dedicate this post yet again to seafood esther from seafood skewl CHS (catholic high) where are the seafood come from.

This is inspired from their infamous 1-10 seafood finger poses....but we (jeff and i) got lazy and wondered how the seafood wasted so much time thinking of another 5 more..

^No. 1

^No. 2

^No. 3

^No. 4

^No. 5 .....*givesup*

for those who dunno....seafood = lala


I came across this picture while blog browsing....

Dun really know who they are i think they are dong ban shin ki or something...

look at the last guy's name....


A: Hey, im a, what's your name???

U-know: U-Know....

A: Urrr i dun think so...i just met you... so what's your name??

U-know: U-KNOW!!!

A: Now don't you start raising your voice at me. Who you think you are?

U-know: U-KNOW LA!!!

A: Think u damn famous or wat....expect me to know just lidat...

U-know: I AM U-KNOW!!!



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