Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tick Tag Toh

Since im no 1 in esther's tag list id have to do it for her sake la (nonsense...i was just bored...:P)

1. Tag victim has to come out with 8 different points about his/her ideal mate.
2. Gender of his/her ideal mate has to be mentioned.
3. Tag 8 other people and leave a comment on their blog.

She's gotta be at least something you can look at without puking..
Honestly, i really see won't even take initiative to talk to a girl which is an eyesore or makes you wanna slap her.

She's gotta be understanding..
Well, If you get into a relationship and no matter how it goes, it has to be an understanding one..what good is it if both the guy n girl don't understand each other??

She's gotta be willing to talk things out..
Personally, I really wish my ideal girl would be willing to talk things out if any quarrels or misunderstandings occur.. I mean, isn't it just fair?? For her not just to run away and face it maturely?? Then i don't have to keep giving in like i always do..:P

She's gotta have a sense of humour..
I am a funny guy.. everyone knows that... what good is a funny guy without a funny girl?? 'nuff said..

She's gotta be loving..
Aww c'mon im sure this has to be in everyone's ideal list... If she is not loving might as well date ur girlfriend on your computer dating sure even the artificial intelligence know how to love you.

She's gotta be open minded..
Geez.. it's scary when you find a girl who is hot beautiful but comes from kampung...i mean wahrao (sheet...cheeserland bug) skali she see u take of ur shirt to go swimming she close your eyes...hokay...that's not wat i really meant...i dun like ppl with narrow minds la...very hard to converse with...u gotta limit your vocabulary and all..

She's gotta be sexy..
I'm not saying HOT + SEXY... i mean...even an average girl can be don't need to be hot... well yeah...she has to at least know how to be sexy...a lil tease and turn on sparks a

She's gotta know how to appreciate..
I long for be really appreciated..even small surprises every know and then just to let me know i'm appreciated is well appreciated by the un-appreciated me..tongue tied!!



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