Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another job done with.

Yeaps, i quit again and wasn't because i couldn't take the workload.

Uni starts next mth. In a blink of an eye, almost one month passed by. It really doesn't seem that long. It seems like only yesterday iwas working at tgi celebrating newyear at laundry..oh well..

It kinda scares me. Imagine how fast time would pass once i graduate and start work. I'm already feeling it. Once i finish my studies, no more holidays, no more sem breaks, no more galavanting here and there. All i would have then would be...MCs and Annual leaves. I hope this last two years of study would prepare me for it then. I must treasure it. :P


On Saturday, Esther, Sarah, Bryan Lim, and i went to sunway lagoon. No. It wasn't a typo. Esther's friend shares my name. We went there for the Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 event as i had tix for it thanks to the place i worked at. One of the highlights was Esther being the bimbo she was, lost her all park ticket band. How, u ask? I don't know also. She bought the ticket from the ticket booth at the Water Park and apparently this time they only gave us the band but not wear it for us. Bad move Sunway...Bad move.. As Sarah and i had our tickets on already( we bought beforehand ), the three of us walked up to the Dry Park...Barely walking 15 metres from the booth i stole a glance at Esther's wrists. No Band. So i checked her hands. No band. She was messaging someone with her hp. And so i asked her where was her band thinking that she kept it in her pocket or something. She went "Oh ya hor!". I tell youuuu...that moment i really O.o" ...
She decided to back track so she and sarah quickly walked back all the way to the counter... i just u imagine..her attention span??lol... 15 metres only... and being malaysians ( come on don't deny) if we see something lying on the floor which is valuable, wouldn't you pick it up?? yeah...esther cudn find it back so she had to buy another...lucky for her it's rm 20 per tick cuz QS Revo subsidized it. We all really wondered how she cud lose it. I think can enter Guiness World Book of Records.

So we sat some of the 360 ship was our first. I never realized how thrilling it could be sitting at the edge of the boat. As we were queuing up for the mine train ride, Esther's Bryan sms-ed her asking for her tick and so she asked me for the ticket( as i was keeping it ). So as she was trying to get out of the queue while sms-ing him and climbing railings...Guess what i saw on the floor?? The ticket she asked from me 5 seconds ago. So how long does it take Esther to lose something?? Now u know...Not in the time span of the 15 metres. But in 5 seconds.

I guess when u think esther can do nothing more to look bimbotic...she suprises you..:P


Ps: Head over to Sarah's blog to see her fat model pics as Miss January 2008.

Pps: Speakin of paintball....LETS GO PLAY AGAIN GUYS!!! Who wants to go lemme know!! Apparently the place i went last used cheap paintballs that's why we got quite a good deal. The shrapnells of the paintball delivers cuts on impact. But i don't mind going back there for the sake of Jungle Warfare! The one Sarah went to only had those big colourful baloons.


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