Thursday, January 10, 2008


Season 5's 2 hour premiere of One Tree hill reminds me why i love that show so much ...:)..The show picks up where they left it at the end of season 4 4 years later. Woo nice la...cant wait to see the basketball parts( after all that was what got me interested.)

Work is fun!!! Had my first day on the roxy section and buooy ohh buooy did i enjoy!!! all the eye candy!!! heeeeeee....loves my job...hahaha...

I wasn't exactly right when i said that working cud take ur mind of being emo...maybe work at TGIF's cud cuz they wud work ur ass off... but working in Quiksilver is quite relaxing...especially on weekdays where there is no would tend to day of the sucki things is that you see couples come in and lovey dovey...and the bf wud buy stuff for the gf and she'd go..."omg!love you!" makes me jealousssss...sigh...i really miss having a gf...having someone there...which makes me kinda miss codename 171205.. had a few flashback memories about her today.. The stupid stuff we did.. there was this thing we did where we so childish but it was all fun...i kinda like made different sounds at every direction she playfully punched me and i had to get it right...if have to start over well...sillysweet memories...

oh well...cant wait for oth s5 epi 3!!!! woo wee!!!

PS: My apologies for misplacing the location tag for agape chapel..give face laaa...haven gone there for so long!!!


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