Saturday, January 05, 2008

Quiksilver i got the quiksilver...starting next week but schedule isnt made yet...everything is more or less the same as tgif...cept...they pay you when u break...awesome shit...loves it...and you work 9 hours everyshift...oh yeah!! :P...

the cons are...if you're late work 1 hour without pay...omgbbqwtfbazookaboomboomboomiwantyouinmyroom... thats cares me...and parking...oh well...ill try to get by that...

so i decided to do esther's tag again for the fun of it...did it years ago but...things change!

here goes..

On the Outside
Name : Bryan 'chickenluck' Lim
Date of Birth : 3rd septembie 2007 (pah...this is getting old)1987
Current Status : single and looking
Eye Colour : Dark Brown
Hair Colour : Rusty Brown
Righty or Lefty : Righty
Zodiac Sign : Virgin Virgo

On the Inside
Your Heritage : Urm china???
Your Fear : I wouldn't say heights...tho it agitates me...i kinda like the thrill...true fear?? being broke??
Your Weakness : Girls. Seriously..all they do is stare at you with their fluttering eyelashes..and bye bye charlie!
Your Perfect Pizza : Dito it chicken or beef...but to top it all...a thick layer of parmesan on it...

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : Back in reality
Your bedtime : Not fixed...currently??1-4am
Your most missed memory : Our first kiss ( i won't say whoooooo )

Part 4:
Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Depends...coke more gassy...pepsi less gassy..see my mood
McD's or Burger King : Mcd all the way!!!
Single or Group Dates : Both. As long as your dating the right person then nothing matters.
Adidas or Nike : The 3 stripes.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Cappucino or Coffee : Coffee for hot...Cappucino ice blended.

Do You . . .
Smoke : Never tried never did. I dun really like ppl who do smoke...yeah...the irony..
Curse : I ain't no saint..
Drink : Special occasions?? I haven got drunk yet...nvr found my limit..

In the Past Month
Drank alcohol : New Years at Laundry..
Gone to the mall : Just today.
Been on stage : If you consider the church stage a stage...(i remember writing this the last time i did this tag)
Eaten sushi: Nope.
Dyed your hair : And got rashes from it... Allergic to Gatsby Hair Bleach.

Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game : Haha... sleepover at bentay's house when i was form 2...those were the days...
Changed who you were to fit in : Used to...till i got sick of it...especially when ppl get at me with me being chilidish and asking em to change...but i won't be who i am if im im proud to be childish...hate me for it!!

You're hoping to be married : I don't hope...if she's there then she's there

In A Guy/Girl
Best eye colour : Hazel (contacts la nowadays!!!)
Hair colour : Jet black or Brunette
Short or long hair : Short but i think im getting sick of it...everygirl cutting short now...not original

What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago : Doing this tag takes along time before you reach this part of the tag.
1 hour ago : Watching Top Gear.
1 month ago : Haha...urm in Singapore!!
1 year ago : next day.

Part 11:

Finish The Sentences
I love : big butts and i cannot lie.
I feel : lonely at the mo.
I miss : having a girl.
I need : cash, gadgets, girls, a mansion, a nice car, an aeroplane, access to world biggest parties and oh...did i mention girls??

Tag 5 People
One : B
Two : e
Three : s
Four : a
Five : i


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