Saturday, February 02, 2008

All Work and No Pay Makes Bryan a Sad Boy

I finally got my first pay cheque..wanted to take a pic of it and post it up but smart ol' bryan took the pic and forgot to save it...thanks to motorola for having 2 more additional steps to get a pic taken and stored.

The irony is that got paid for the work I've done for a mth before the one i've worked for a week...bollocks? Yes.

Friday's has still not paid me yet. Let's boycott fridays. They over work you, their food sucks (even their manager admits), it isn't clean as you think (ask me personally and ill tell you) and they pay you late. Those bitches. The only consolation is that "when you go there to eat after you quit, your ex-colleagues might give you a treat."...whoa...nice rhyming bryan... :P

Ps: i really really really wanna get an fm transmitter... :(


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