Friday, February 08, 2008


CNY is here again! As usual, no real excitement when it comes to this time of the year...i'd rather christmas...i dunno...i feel as tho im half eastern/half western...i dun love chinese food but i'm always lookin forward to western or italian (italy is in the west right?)

Nevertheless, this time around im starting to feel a lil' joy...i dunno..probably because im hanging around more with me fren's this cny then being with relatives or stuck at home..the black jack and late night mamak sessions helped alot.

Bah...i think i shud enjoy myself 99 before my uni starts lerr..after hearing impressions of all my uni frens im starting to think that uni is gonna be very hectic...though i have 4 subjects and have fridays off (pfft reminds me of TGI Fridays...btw they still haven't paid me and i heard Bistro Americana [the owner of TGI] has a bad reputation for not paying so be careful guys) i don't think it's dat free. :/

Visited Quiksilver again recently and saw my operation's manager again (saw her 3 times after i quit in 3 diff chains [Sunway lagoon, Mid Valley and back at One U] ) and had a short chat with her. She asked if i could reco any ptimers as they are guys...gimme a holla yeah?... but only 'smart smart ones' as quoted by her. Smart ones like me. Haha...not to kembang la but she did say it! Apparently the current ptimers are very blur case and no nothing about retail. Can't blame em...they are either freshmen or those without qualifications. I'm excpetional cuz i have a business diploma edi..:P...OK I'LL STOP PRAISING MYSELF...

Heeeee...Can't wait till tom! That's when all the shops open...heeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Okays la...shall end here!!! ciaoz to all those who read this shiznit...if there are any...:( cbox is so boring...i know im not popular and i have bad command of composition but pls do leave a message!!! :)


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