Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm so gay for Archuleta right now...

Omb. After watchign yesterday's American Idol(AI), i really hope archuleta wins. His voice. Hi cute looks(he made me gayyy). Gasp. LOL. But seriously. He took the stage over with his variation of John Lennon's - Imagine.

Like Simon said, John's song are hard to sing and a very risky choice to sing on AI. Takes a whole lotta confidence and skill to be able to choose it and get through and Archuleta had all of it.

Listen to the judges comments. Archie has not only the talent but also a whole lot of on screen chemistry. See how he manages to capture the audience with his cuteness. If you think this is cute, go check his variation of Shop Around on youtube. Guarantee cutiefied.

LOL. This is really a gay post.

XoXo, Gayboy. You know your disgusted by me.


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