Thursday, February 21, 2008


What was the first memory can you remember and what were you doing then as far as u can think back? I mean. The age when you could start thinking.

Call it impossible but the first memory of mine since i was a baby. I was being held by my mom. My eyes were wide shut (i was at the age where i couldn't even open my eyes). My mom was carrying me and she decided to pass me to a stranger( to me it was but it's one of my mom's frens) and i started crying. I wouldn't stop till they passed me back to my mom. I dunno why but it has been stuck in my mind for 20 years. Isn't a memory to shout about but it got me thinking.

A random thought like that made me wonder. Why could other memories just fade away. But this stayed so long. Some memories you just wish dissapear but you can't erase it and yet some, which just fades away.

Another thought came through. What about those with Alzheimer?

Imagine losing a certain part of your memory each day leaving no recollection of anything after awhile. A sad thought. and here are some of us. Just wishing for some memories to go away just to ease the pain.

Oh how we hate ppl forgetting. Ex's who forget the things they did with you. Parents who scold us for forgetting to do the laundry. Take time to think. What if you wake up forgetting who you are?? Now that sucks.


Blogger Eleen burped out...

im sorry i forgot bout going sunway lagoon with you and selling tickets to some other dude.
but i rmbr the memories at lagoon ok?
7 years ago...whooahh...memories..:D

5:19 pm  
Blogger chickenluck burped out...

lawl!!! so random la you!!!

3:41 am  
Blogger ge burped out...

yeah.. difficult for those who live with those who have memory lapse diseases. I think those who have the disease doesn't suffer as much as those who live with them / who have known them for ages. It's harder for me to see you NOT remembering when i remember so much but you don't. Know what i mean? :)

2:50 pm  
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