Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine, oh valentine....Where art thou?

Me no likey....tom is vday...for the past few dunno how many years of my dating life i've never been alone...this feels weird...feels almost as though im desperate enough to go on a date with random friends...well ALMOST. By the way....happy birthday in advance to eric cheong who's bday lies on the dreaded 14th February even though he might not be reading this...

Bah..I hate TGI Fridays...ok perhaps not the restaurant but the manager Jerry. He is such an *insert bad bad bad curses here* i tell you. I worked at Fridays in December and i only got the full amount yesterday. Like...wth right? When i collected my cheque the other day, it was 1/2 the amount i was supposed to get. I called Jerry and he acted surprised. He said he would get back to me and he didn't. So i called him the following night at 11 something ( because usually he works closing shift) and got a dulan reaction from him. So fine. He didn't get back to me when he was supposed to and i'm supposed to like what?? Take a chill pill and calmly wait?? Having enough, I went to the HQ. There i went to the HR department ready to make their lives miserable. Unlike that rat (tom and jerry), she was very apologetic. Thing is, she thought the cheque she was writing for me was my pay for the month of January. She was very much surprised when i told her i worked in december. Now wth was Jerry doing? I don't know. He did not want to explain nor apologize. Eff him la. I got my pay now. Just one thing. Do not ever patronize TGI Fridays at curve. I worked there and it's not exactly clean. I know.

Captain Ball practice this week. Failure? I dunno. I wonder how many ppl wud actually turn up on the 1st practice. Mixed feelings to go. But Vincent Kor Kor leading...Hmm...

Uni started this week. Boring. Early. Sobzz. But classes quite relaxed!

ps: there is an Achmed in my class. I snickered abit to loudly when i heard there was an achmed. For those who dunno who achmed is. Go youtube.


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