Monday, March 31, 2008

DragonBall Live Action Movie???

Remember back when we were all in primary school? Picking up a dragon ball comic book and fantasizing that you had those amazing abilities that the heroes in dragon ball had? Be it flight, power to harness chi and project it out or just to transform your hair colour in a blink of an eye. Lol. Ok...maybe you guys didn't, but i did!

Well, news to ya'll that know what dragonball actually is. They are in fact making a live action movie out of it.

The cast are weird though. American. Hmm. I never saw that coming. For example. James Marters ( Spike in Buffy) is rumored to take the role of Picollo. Lol.

But yeahla. It's probably just rumors so don't hold me to it ya!!! Go google it!!!

That's all folks!

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