Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yeepedie doo dah!

First of all I''d like to thank Shaz for everything. I guess i'm pretty lucky to meet him. He's such a nice friend laaaaa.

Okies. This aside let's talk about dinner. Shaz invited me to dinner with his friend Nicole. It was a catch up thingy for him as they never saw each other in awhile. We decided to eat at The Manhattan Fish-Market @ IOI Mall. I've never eaten there before so i guessed i'd give it a try..:P
Retarded fish^

First up, Shaz picked me up and drove to IOI. It was bout 6pm and we were stuck in the jam. Nicole was already there so Shaz was abit fidgety as he doesn't like to keep ppl waiting. Went to do some last minute shopping and went to Manhattan.
Nicole opening a present from Shaz^

Oh did i mention it was nicole from

Anyways, we chatted and i realised my perception of nicole was way different then who i perceived her to be. She's down to earth, fun, crazy and nice to camwhore with! Lol! Edmund, Nicole's friend was there too. He is truly a funny character in a sense that he sounds like he over reacts and seems sarcatic but those are the attributes which makes him uber funny. With all 3 of us cracking jokes every minute, Shaz was speechless and wanted to kill me.Nicole and Edmund's platter^


Dragon Ball Fusion!^

After we cam whored kao kao, we decided to call it a night as nicole had a flight to indo china the next day. And that procrastinator hasn't even packed yet. Shaz had to meet up with his godbro and yamcha and he decided to bring me along.

After that Short yam cha session and as we were about to go home when Shaz decided to bring me to visit the astro hq. I can say i was quite awed knowing about how they broadcast in radio stations and all. And OMG guess who i met??
Hahaha. Summore Shaz left me in the room for like 1 minute alone with her!!! *faints* Ok being drama queen now.

All in all. Today was a memorable day la. Meeting up with fellow blogger Nicole, visiting astro, and even meeting Jojo! Thanks to Shaz again!!


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