Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Saturday Out.

"Early morning, she wakes up and a ring ring ring on her phone."

Well, it wasn't really that early that i called a person from an agency who was casting maxis ads.
She was pretty sleepy when i called her at like what...10am? Oh well... it was a saturday morning after all.

Well soon decided to meet up at Starbucks at Ara Damansara to cast me. And so we met. I brought Sarah along as she wanted to see cute guys there cuz she thought it was an open casting but to her agony, I was the only cute guy. Ok give face la har..maybe the photographer was also cute.

Wtf touch my nen nen?^

It was pretty fast, As he took some measurements, took my details and said he'll send my profile for consideration. Maxis is apparently hard to please so my hopes aren't high. Fingers crossed anyway.

Later on we had lunch at KFC and knowing Sarah, she wanted to camwhore and she forced me into camwhoring with her and you guys know i don't know nuts about camwhoring i mean what is camwhore, a camera and a whore? I mean who's the whore?? and so we did.

Later on i had a date met up with Elle and we headed down to Bombshell in Bangsar. Apparently that shop or a rented space preferably acts as a place for buyers and sellers to sell their stuff. Komodo Ninja(them sneakers enthusiasts) was there and some other clothes sellers. And guess who i met there? The fella who casted( is there such a word ) me this morning. Such a small world ler.

As the night came, we proceeded to eat dinner at Kluang Station in ikano (this is the result of two fickle people who cant make decisions). Elle ordered the Hainanese c.chop and it took 15 mins to arrive and so we missed the first 20 mins of 27 dresses. :(. After that we waited for Shaz (why am i always out with him...this is freaky) to come and meet us up with his two chick friends but apprently they were too tired and ffked Shaz. So Shaz met up with us and we went to Fridays!! Oh did i tell u? That manager I disliked has been transffered to one u?? woohoo!!
I really look good here...i think...^

We chilled out there for quite awhile and decided to jalan-jalan and practice photography. I being a photography noob had lessons with Shaz. Pretty happy with what i learned. He're are some of it. We ciao-ed home after that larrr.

High iso, Slow Shutter w/o flash ( hey i'm a noob ok!! bagi muka!!)^

I take you taking me!(same settings as above)

Fu-yoh!!! I jakun! First time able to understand why people can make these kinda shots..:P..^


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