Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yesterday Today.


Taming the tiger with Tony Anthony this time around wasn't much of an impact. The fact that there were so many counselors ready and only a handful came out proves me right. Pretty sad thing as we hoped to reach out to more. Oh well if it's not in His plan, it isn't.

Later that night, we went to eat hokkien mee at paramount. When the others went poker, some others decided to hang out 7-eleven.


Busy day. Went to klcc by lrt to the British Council fair alone...:(... went to enquire about the uni's i might be going to end of this year. Pretty packed and saw a few familiar faces young and old..:P.. On the way back to the lrt station, i saw this group of people holding cardboard papers.

This reminded me of the Sick Puppies video of All the same..weeeee....apparently this group were from project called couch project and this is the worlds official day for Free Hugs.

I gave my hug!!!

a tag!

IBA Rally with Jamie Kidd wasn't all that great either. The out come of the ppl answering to alter call was no doubt more than yesterdays but it was still small nonetheless.

Before the rally with some of the worship team.

The worship team during worship...

After that, the usual group went to mcd's ss2, esther and i on the otherhand decided to mix with our other brethren assemblies. I'm glad we made that choice as we made more friends and crazy ppl. Most of them there also were new to each other.

gadiy and his siblings

woooooo....leng lui....mae yen...if im not wrong


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