Sunday, April 13, 2008

Data recovery.


Ok. So Data recovery programs work miracles. Kinda. The first thing ya gotta do is find the right one.Well. Its not that easy.

Wtfbbqplaza! I went searching(not to mention dl-ing) high and low for the right Data recovery software. To make matters worst, i was recovering from a SDcard which is in FAT16 format. And adding the friggin cherry to the top was that i was recovering video. Which was about 70mb.

Well, Most freewares are demo and wont allow u to recover more than 64kb (yes kb..and my file was?? yea..) but i love their concept though! They thoroughly scan your drive letting u see the files that were deleted. Those bastards are smart bastards. Cuz most files nowadays are above 64kb they want you to purchase.

But those true freewares are those which (A) either they recover everything without letting you choose what you want to recover (basically recoverin everything takes a long long time) or (B) Only recover what you deleted in the past 2 days. Though option B has similar capabilities as the softwares you pay for (ie the choose and recover option) the lack of recoverable memory is a killjoy.

In the end. After searching 1 whole day, i actually reverted to using the first freeware i dl-ed which is categorized in option A. As im writing this, i have no friggin choice but to wait for this silly software to recover every deleted file. Literally wtf. Anyhoos anyone out there which knows better softwares which incoporates everything above and its free and not a demo. Pls do let me know. : )


Bah the weekend was fun. : P . Watched a couple of movies and enjoyed meself. Wont go into detail though! All in all i had a blasted time. Sorry guys for not attending YF lately. The week b4 i had work. Well last week no excuse. Hopefully ill be there next week! : P

PS: really getting kidding! Bloody hell, Elle going to gym making me sexist kiasu wanna go also!

That Feeling? :- confused & worried
What chickin' in ma ears : Finally - Fergie ft John Legend


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