Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Fragile Life.


I dunno how to express the feeling/emotion im having now. It's bahhh.

Was surfing facebook as usual and i came across a friend or a friend's page. I then proceeded to read his blog.

And there was when i read a post relating to another friend of my friend. Andrew from the RVN group of SMKDJ, is in ICU. Even though i am not close to him, this feels like shit man. Probably the first time we ever met was way back in,(if im not mistaken) 2004 when we played football for SSGC for CopaIBA.

My prayer goes out to him. He's still alive but in coma so let's just hope for the best. So I hope that anyone who reads this, who like me know him but just not that well, just...pray for him.


My condolences go out to Andrew's family, The RVN boys and all andrew's friends. :(


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