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Josiah Leming

Before i took interest in David Archoo choo on American Idol I was rooting for this guy named Josiah Leming. He was interesting not only because of his voice but because of his background story. I guess i was not the only one. When he did not make it to the final 24, most of USA questioned AI to why Josiah didn't get thru. Most petitioned for Josiah to be a wild card but AI didn't bother to respond.

Josiah is an american guy with an american accent but when he sings, it totally changes to a british one. It's weird the first few times you hear it but you'll learn to like it after hearing him out a couple of times. What's most interesting about Josiah is that he has a very interesting background compared to the other finalists. That somewhat makes him "real" and stand out in my eyes.

The reason he failed to make it in the finals was because he got to over confident with his first audition in hollywood and tried to take the stage acapella and failed miserably. He was cocky and running on his confidence. But isn't that what makes him so real? Too bad they didn't give him a chance to make up for his mistakes. But the others from the music and entertainment industry did. He is now meeting up with major and minor recording labels and even appeared on the Ellen Degereenenneres show.


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I apologize for responding to a personal blog (I came across this by accident while searching for something else.) I would like to offer an alternative opinion on what I think happened to Josiah’s meltdown performance. I really don’t think he was being cocky or overconfident in this particular case, I think it was a matter of pure desperation. Being desperate can make one do outrageous things, but it does not mean that one is being cocky. I also think he was trying too hard.

I can understand why you got the impression that you did based on the editing, or what I like to call the mis-editing of American Idol, but American Idol and most reality shows are highly edited and barely resemble reality. Ratings trump accuracy. I am a reality show junkie and I even tried out for a reality show myself once. I was amazed how little the show resembled what I had tried out for. Over time talking with other people too that have tried out for reality shows has also made me realize how much the editing of the shows can be highly misleading. I have to admit that I have paid attention to comments made by American Idol contestants, especially those contestants that never make the finals, and over the years I have pieced together a general impression of American Idol tryouts.

This is the impression that I have gotten about Josiah’s “Stand By Me” performance, and I apologize if it is not quite right, but I believe it is a lot closer to what actually happened than how it was presented on American Idol. Basing my impression on Josiah’s own words in interviews and various websites; based on friends, fans, and even some fellow contestants talking about their own experience or commenting about Josiah; . He was on his fourth choice, after having earlier song choices prepared, only to not be approved. I have heard gossip that not all of the 200 songs on the list wound up being available, and that the actual list was much smaller. I don't know if Leming picked songs from the 200 song list or if he had tried to sing songs outside the list and could not get them approved, but the fourth song selection was very last minute. He had been up since 5 the previous morning and did not get a chance to work with the band until almost 4 the following morning. Leming sees his strength in creative interpretation and was trying to do what he did best. By the time Leming and the band meet, there was supposedly less than four minutes and there was not enough time to do an alternate arrangement. Leming has once again been thrown off from his plans, he was probably to about to Plan K at this point, he was stressed and sleep-deprived, and wants to do his best. I don't think he was cocky; instead he was desperate by this point.

Also, based on my impression of the Hollywood round from several seasons, performing with the band has always been an option, and if a contestant is not comfortable with the band at that point, they have the option of singing without the band. The band is there at that point as an accompanist. I remember in earlier seasons of American Idol that the semi-finals rounds were done with only a piano as accompaniment. With Leming being last, I took it as he was allowing the band to leave early. If he had not been the last contestant, he would have asked to sing it on his own, but the band would have had to stick around for the later contestants. I also don't think that anyone should conclude that Leming would have been unable to work with the band for the rest of the season entirely based on this one event. Once again, my impression of the Hollywood round is that the contestants are allowed the chance to somewhat ease into the situation and do what is comfortable for them at that point in time because it is still a preliminary part of the season.

I am almost cynical enough to believe that American Idol knew he was talented, but afraid of a loose cannon, so by way of editing they made sure that the audience would not blame American Idol for cutting a talented singer/musician, especially if Josiah winds up doing very well in the future. Josiah should be given the benefit of the doubt on the editing.

Forgive my scientist disclaimer here, but I find it more accurate to base my opinions on several sources, even if I can’t piece together every detail. I am also of the opinion that one does not have to depend ONLY on what is presented on American Idol because there is plenty of information that can be gathered on the web from other sources such as interviews directly from the contestants. It is very easy to get the wrong impression, I have changed my mind completely on some former contestants after receiving more information about them. I have had this same discussion about whether Josiah was cocky or desperate with others before you, so I apologize that I have now built up to this level of reply. LOL

There is a performance of Stand By Me (with only the audience clapping) by Josiah Leming available on YouTube from his Fort Wayne concert. He is very hoarse and his voice is tired, but it is enough proof for me that he can sing the song. It was posted by CJG photography and it titled New song#2 “Body and Mind” and “Stand By Me”. (It used to be labeled as a bonus song, but I think they permanently changed the title.) I also am blown away by his original music on his myspace, even though the quality is very raw.

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Well soapbox, your comments are most welcome. :P.

I think i should correct what i said and mean, well, that's what the AI wanted you to see. But according to the ellen show, Jo admitted that he let a lil of simon's comment from his previous audition get into his head.

But yeah. The way he did stand by me, from what i saw was from desperation too. If i were in his shoes and i didn't rehearse well with the band. I would think i did better by myself.

All in all, Josiah has talent and should not be thrown one side just because he didn't make it through AI. That is the reason i wrote this post.

Thx anyways for the comment. Appreciate it.:P

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