Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Starbucks Dulce De Leche Launch @ Starbucks Curve

Last Wednesday,I was supposed to have dinner or a drink with shaz so he asked me to meet at starbucks curve. Well, apparently Shaz had a suprise for me. Wow.

I didn't know what to expect so i came in shorts, flops and a gunbound tshirt. Nabei Turban. If shaz told me there was this Starbucks launch of it's new drink and he was bringing me under media i obviously woulda dressed up properly.But since there were free fraps (only for media), i forgive u la shaz. Haha.

So we chilled out and i met a new friend His name is Xavier. David Xavier.Son of Charles Xavier from the X-men Apparently he is also comic geek. :P. Yay!^david

There was coffee tasting and we tasted few diff types of coffees namely the Arabica, Starbucks Roast and Muan Jai. To be honest. I can't tell much difference..haha.. as they all tasted bitter. The only diff was that Arabica tasted nicer than Muan Jai( muan jai is a thai word which is translated as "wholehearted happiness"). I wasn't really happy after drinking that as it wasn't my cuppa coffee tea.

After the tasting, they had games. And boy oh boy were there gifts for the winners. So yeahla. Being kiasu and all. I decided to be thick skin ( since when bryan not thick skin?) and played. There were three games all in all. Two groups and one individual. Shaz and i were in both group games but we only won one. :P. I tried out for the individual game but failed miserably. Oh well, you cant blame a guy who tried to limbo rock when he nvr even did it once b4?

^rawr mine fooood!!!

After the games and dinner, we made more new barista friends and chilled out while the baristas were rearranging the furniture back to its normal position. I helped abit! Ok. So i ordered them around. What? I helped by organizing them wert.

Ahh. We had more fraps after that. We camwhored, antm style. And we berbonding la. We retired for the night as shaz had to pass some fraps to his cousin. There is another new Starbucks outlet launching at Soho KL this thursday. It's dubbed as it's most beautiful one. Hmm. Dunno if i'll go. See la! Okays. will leave you all with summore pics to view. Ciaoz de maoz!

^prize that i won!

^my fav shot


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