Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Work? Uni?

Work last weekend was tiring. I mean who knew that playing the Wii, walking to th toilet umpteenth times a day, sms-ing and occasionally help customers redeem their gifts would be so tiring??

Yeaaaaa. I was working for S'factory which client was Panasonic at Sunway Pyramid. I can say it was easy money cuz i did not work at the mall itself. It was upstairs at the convention centre.

The first day, i was stationed inside with all the hot sexy models but had nothing to do except wait for ppl to bring their stamp cards for me to stamp (they were having this "collect all stamps and receive panasonic exlcusive merchandise" which happens to be a pen and a exclusive). Only like what 5 people in an hour?? I beh tahan cuz all my frens outside so i went out and abandoned my post. Haha. Anyone can stamp ma.

So we were all hanging outside giving leaflets to ppl. And sms-ing. And nintendo wii-ing. And walking around. And flirting. And going to the toilet. Boring shit. But no matter how boring it was very tiring standing for so long.

Oh yeah fat sarah was my coworker btw.

Nyhoos. I only spent 3 days working and can consider it easy cash la cuz less work then quiksilver and definitely even less than Friday's.

For those of you who dunno. I'm going to UK to study this september liao. Leaving most probly around 12-13 maybe? So yeala prepare for my bday/farewell party ya! I want it to be a suprise!!!

Just went today to withdraw myself from KDU. Probably would be my last few times there. Oh well. Okies. Brain ran dry di. I realised i can't blog well without pics. So yeah. When i go to uk, every update would at least have 1 random pic.



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