Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't really blogged much lately.

Okay. Nuff stating the obvious and on with the inpirational post.


I give up....current inspiration 0%. Shall go on with boring rants.

Well life so far is pretty boring. With the same ol' same ol' routine of eat shit online sleep, I haven't been rather productive. Friends have suggested I work and I might just do that but just not at the time being.*Shrugs* Well not to say im a real useless bum...cuz i do fetch my mom and sis around to do errands. Gosh...what would they do without me?

What do i feel about life as it is? I would say im pretty happy right now finally finding her. And playing around with new tech gadgets. Life in this past few months has really been a bliss.

As some might notice, I am actually on a hiatus from church and no, I won't say why at the moment. Please refrain from asking as you would probably just get a shrug. To my fellow brothers and sisters out there, please do not worry. I have not forsaken Him.

I will be popping by Singapore soon. So if any of you want anything from the Lion city please let me know and don't forget to pass me cash. Not that i'm so worried that you won't pay me back but hello.....there is only so much I can bring there and I do intend to use it all for myself. Muahahahah..XD

Ok...nuff of the 'cute' emoticons. I guess that's about all I have to say bout me now. Taa!

ps. ShengLi is my inspiration for this post. She made me blog! She said I was cheap and only blogged to advertise myself! But hey!! asking for people to spend 30 cents on a vote by sending WSyournameyour icyourstatewhereyoulive to 36322 followed by YOUC2 to 36322 again and spreading the news to your fellow friends after that is so not advertising myself ok!

pps. ShengLi don't shut down your blog ok!! Your blog is wonderful and entertaining!!! And don't forget that your my inspiration!


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