Saturday, May 24, 2008

Watson's YOU Award!

From my previous posts you should see that i have made it into the finals of the Watson's contest ya? Well, It's this time again where i need your help!!! It's voting time!!!

Awwww come on guys!!! I just need a vote from everyone of you but id appreciate if you could keep on voting for me!!! If i win, you might stand a chance to win watson's vouchers or better ipod nano!

How to vote for Bryan!

Register! (free!!)


e.g :- WS YOU LENG ZHAI/LUI 123456-78-9100 PERAK

Send to 36322

Vote! (RM0.30)


so it would be:-


(c2 is my contestant number ...:P)

Send to 36322

With every vote, you'd receive a digital voucher from watsons!


Go to and vote online!! The site is not really up yet but id would be anytime soon!! Around 28th i guess?

I'd appreciate if you send some thru sms at least for the time being but if you love me so much you can continue thru sms! Remember can win stuff wan yeahhh!!

Thanks a bunch! Remember! An sms a day makes bryan hooray!




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