Thursday, June 19, 2008

Singapore at last!

Well, it's about time i blogged about my trip to singapore but before that i wanna rant about starbucks....knnccb! i go there for wifi surfing but i couldn't access their internet cuz everyone was using...rawrrrrrr!!! probably using 1mbps only cheap buggers...

Okies...back to what the post is really about...

So i went to singapore on the 5th at 11 am boarding the First Coach bus. To my amazement, they installed an individual tv in each of everyone's headrest just a few mths before. It's cool la...cuz got a variety of shows. thing about this bus is that it stops at the same rest stops everytrip and dating back to a trip i made to Sgp not too long ago, i actually left a marking on one of the pondoks at the rest stop. I came back to find it was still! ok sorry i vandalised.

^If you look properly, you can see the initials BL

Well, another 5 hours since i left PJ, i finally arrived in Sgp. The first thing i did when i hit my cousin's crib was to leech his internet. Haha 8mpbs with dl's worth 300-500kbps shiokalingam i tell u.

Later that night, my cousins took me out to a hongkong char chan teng. Lousy. Expensive and not as good as Kim Gary or Wong Kok.

The following day, i hit orchard road to do a lil window shopping (expensive la orchard!!).

One of the reasons why i wanted to go there was to go to Far East plaza to eat fried mars bars. In last years' post on singapore, i mentioned about this place but it wasn't too detailed as my camera sucked. Now i got ixus k!!! Clearer pics!!! muahahahahaha

Oh did mention??? The Great Singapore Sale was yeah...take a look at the "Prada" queue.

Apparently the "Prada" cue got to long and it obstructed Gucci's entrance. So Gucci manager dulan go and scold Prada. Sigh. Viva La Singapore.


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