Monday, June 16, 2008

Ze Melakas Tripz

So ok. It's time i returned to tidy this dusty closet so here i am updating this blog on my roadtrip to melaka. It's been years since i set foot in melaka and the strongest memory i have of it was on a big boat. Lawl. Forgive me for i still dunno what that boat is...:P.

The drive there was a killer. Never in my life have i drove outstation and such a distance. It's a first! It took about urm...2 hours plus plus?? Somewhere round that la. We kinda left in morning reaching there just in time for lunch. Yumm yumm!!! Chicken rice ball here we comeee!!!^Welcome to Melaka!



^4 Minutes to save the world

We were so hungry cuz we didn't have food in with us in the car thanks to someone *coughellecough* decided to finish the snacks a day before the trip with plans to replenish but eventually did not. :P. So as soon as i got the car parked, we hit jongker street and attacked the most impresive chicken rice ball shop. As soon as u walk in jongker street, (coming from the direction of the museum) it's the 1st restaurant or the 2nd... can't really remember..but the pictures should show you how it looks like!


^Char Siu

The food was good but the ball was okay only lah and plain rice would have been well for me too. While i was on a toilet break, i decided to explore the restaurant. I was amazed by how they restored and decorated the interior of this shop. Their selling point was not only the food but their interior too!

^Like a scene of a chinese movie

^Silhouette of a cartwheel

We hung around jongker street for awhile after lunch, looking around the 'gift' shops they had on the street. I managed to score a neck accessory (the word necklace to sissy laaa :P) while elle got a cup and a dream catcher for a friend. We went for tong sui later on but there are no pictures cuz it didn't look that presentable although the gula melaka there was orgasmic. I mean come on, it is after all melaka right?

We came across the orang utan house (Hello guatz!) and took some pictures. I didn't really like the shirts though. The design was nice but i didn't like the cutting and material used for the shirts.

^Elle!!! Familliar?

At around 3 we decided to head home. On the way back we got side tracked and went to the Crocodile Farm. Omg. The place changed so much! i mean. When i was a kid, that place was kinda exciting and all. Now it's a run down piece of crap with their, renovations and all going on. The only thing that caught my eye was the go kart track next door which i didn't know how to get to.

^Something disturbs me though...a rabbit in a reptile corner?

And so we decided to end the day there lor. Cuz i didn't really know my way around melaka and didn't know what or where would be interesting. And i dreaded the long journey back...well...not really lah. :P.

^Venom got you?


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