Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Due to popular demand...

Yes. I did not win the Watson's contest. Well, lets say Terrence did a Cindy tay. He voted thru sms votes and won (His votes for sms was 129031231381209 times mine). Well, it's fair i guess if you are willing to take the risk of losing ur cash if ur competitor wins by like what...15cents?Because they didn't show the sms votes, i didn't dare risk voting too much for myself. But wth la, at least i had experience dabbling in this kinda voting thingy.

But one thing though, the way watson's handled this contest was pretty bad as many contestants were unhappy with the way the voting system went. They had to have a second meeting to call in all contestants to agree with new terms so that everyone would be happy but even so the damage had been done to most contestants.So i guess Watson's goal of "making everyone happy" didn't work out.

Anyways, i guess i should congratulate the winners of the Watson's awards contest. and yeah urm..... Thanks for the hamper Watsons!!


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