Thursday, September 18, 2008

Land of the Georgies Geordies.


Finally! The internet connection is up!

It's cold!

I arrived in Newcastle 3 days ago with no internet connection to start of with. Even the phone in the flat wasn't working. I was all alone and felt so homesick to the point of feeling sick. Newcastle isn't actually a very nice place! It's the UK u'd expect with newsagents around every corner and at least one Primark/H&M/M&S/BHS .

One thing im suprised at is that Greggs, and english sandwich shop and Starbucks are located everywhere. And by everywhere meanign 3-4 around the city. 3-4 that I have SEEN. Who knows how many others are out there. Unlike Malaysia, it seems that they work for our convieniece rather that worrying of profit. That's something I need to research on.

Culture shock. I had a bit of it. What hit me most was that internet, WiFi isn't free. Starbucks, Maccas all have nothing but Hotspots (like streamyx hotspot in malaysia...need account to log in). That reasons why i haven't been ont the internet since i left malaysia. There was simply nowhere to get it!

Well, haven't been around too much yet, will be walking around with newly made friends all from malaysia(lol) today. Probly poke here and there abit..:P till then...taa!!

miss all of you guys very much!!


Blogger ge burped out...

why Georgies? :)
do take care.. hope you're settling in a bit better.. Be ready that the weather ain't gonna be any better as winter is coming.. :) so, tuck in the jackets and keep warm.. :)

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