Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hello hello.

Ok. How is my first few days of Uni? Well, It's kinda boring maybe because that it's the first week?
One thing's for sure is that the lecturers are very different compared to the ones in Malaysia. They don't spoonfeed you, they are stuck up(ask too many questions and they get annoyed), the British accent puts you to sleep, and they are "programmed" to know what they are supposed to know. Ask anymore and they shrug.


Campus is only 10 mins walk(Malaysian pace) from my flat but another 5 from my doorstep. It's new and beautiful! At night it glows with multicolors! Don't wanna imagine the cost of electricity incurred though.

One thing I like about Northumbria U. is that they have enough to incoporate all the tech stuff to their buildings and the courses. Smart cards are used to access certain places in the Uni while all the accomodations need proxy donggles(similar to smartcards but in a donggle) to access the main entrance, block and then the flat door. You'd have to use the classic key to enter your room though. Most of the doors used to exit buildings in Newcastle are touch enabled. Means you just need to tap the door and it opens automatically or either press a button.

Technology here has a downside as I have mentioned before. When I came here, i couldn't find any places with free WiFi(obviously now after walking around i found 2-3 but not anywhere near my flat). It hit me hard as my flat hadn't had internet installed yet. So for 3 days I was cut of from the world! No internet no life!!!

Arghh!!! I hate the fact that everything closes at around 5-6! No more popping out to 7-11(there aren't any..Brits are lazy) at anytime of the day/night too! No suppers! No mamaks! And everything is so friggin expensive! I am still converting pounds to rm everytime I go out so I take hours to shop.

Nevertheless, this is still a good experience for me. When I arrived, the thoughts that came to my mind was that of how my research on companies would be like. Learning about England's economy, the credit crunch and all. It'd be a whole new experience for me. Starting from scratch unlike the Malaysian background that I learned all this while when I started college.

It's good exposure but I still miss home. I miss driving, eating cheap, sleeping in bed, playing with baby caryn and seeing Elle! I miss szechuan soup! I miss Nasi Kandar ! I mis...............and the list goes on. this concludes this post. And till then...tata!!

^Random Old Buildings


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