Saturday, October 04, 2008

A lil bit of rain and a too much of a breeze

^Postman Pat has new wheels.

The weather her is nuts(not under the sunshine)! lawl...lame much.

Bah! It's so friggin cold and it randomly rains! I got caught under unsuspecting showers so many times! Went to co-op to get some groceries today. The cost came to be of 10 pds. ZOMGZ RM60!
The horror! Oh well, better get used to it.

The weekend is here! Can do what i like! Relax, enjoy movies cuz of superb dl speeds! Ahh! But i still miss home. I've gotten used to walking long now. No aches and all. No wonder women can walk in shopping centre 4 hours. Takes alot of practice ya?

As i mentioned in previous posts, i said that lecturers here dun give a shit and all and are plain boring but i guess not all of them are. I had two other lecturers this week and they were both at least entertaining. The best one has to be the Marketing lecturer. He keot us hooked and entertained with good jokes and he even gave me 10 pence(which he found dropped on the floor). Well i guess its great cuz marketing is my fav subject and the best thing is that my degree majors in that subject. Weeeee!

Students here are crazy. They party everynight but the worst night has to be thursday. All shops open till 8 or late and it's Liquid night. Liquid happens to be the equivalent to Zouk/Maison or whatever happening clubs in KL. The girls here wear even less clothes than those of Malaysia considering the weather here is atrocious. Shame on you la Malaysian girls. The girls here can wear tubes and miniskirts while i can only survive in a thick jacket and jeans. Shame on me too.

Well, i haven't been to clubs nor have i been drinking(as i am a good boy and dun club and drink if there is no proper occasion) but my friends really enjoyed it. They say that we malaysians must at least club once to try out the clubbing scene here. I may just try it out some time.

One thing is that i can really get lonely here at night as i only have so much friends. No one to talk to on msn in the night really makes me lonely. Garh! I can't complain much! Just get this year over with and i'm done!

^Emokid me.


Blogger ge burped out...

yeah, beer etc is like water to them. Funny, Thursday nights were pub nights in NZ too. You'd get ppl laying on the floor in front of your dorm room and you'd just gotta side step them and hope they go away soon :P

take care ya? :)

3:38 am  
Blogger chickenluck burped out...

Yea i know right?!?

And they don't like water here! Always in their hands are coke, fanta or gatorade.

Lucky for me my place is more secure. Unlike dorms, we have 5 to a flat so no worries unless my flatmates turn up drunk.


11:36 pm  
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