Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vandalism or sweet revenge?

I heard a loud smash and glass hitting the floor and when i looked up and saw a person running into the lane...

Took me awhile to register what actually happened as i saw more people gathered. From my window i couldn't really judge where that sound came from. Could it be a car's window? Or a house.
I then realised it was a window of the house opposite when i saw them examining it.

Was it an act of revenge? probably rivalry or enemies? Or was it jsut plain vandalism. Well it's not something unheard of. During club nights, the drunken teens would vandalise cars whether its playing with the wipers or side mirrors or pulling out the hub-caps. Britain. Little Britain.

^Running in

^Broken window

50 Minutes later.....

^And we all thought Britain's police would be more resposive.(you can see the owners boarded the window..lawl)

2 hours later( im some kinda papparazi arent i?)

^The repairman so efficient! It's 11pm and they just arrived!


Blogger Elle burped out...

They should have bought a fleet of Richard Hammond's car. At least it would be more fun to look at. The police might enjoy riding it more often and arrive at the scene of the crime faster!!

12:41 pm  
Blogger chickenluck burped out...


And everytime they brake. The roll of mat with nails will roll to the front and proceed to puncture every other cars tyres which pass infront of him.

11:34 pm  
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