Monday, October 27, 2008

The weather. sd card reader is effed up. I don't know what the fark is wrong with dell but their warranty is shit ass. Not only is it trouble some that they pass me around 3 people before reaching the technician which gave me the good news that i will have to PAY for the service. WTF DELL? WTF DELL? SO BRAINLESS ?? WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY FOR?? Funny thing is that i called the UK branch and all 4 people that talk to me were either indians or pakis who couldn't understand pronounciation well...What happen to the brits? Really dell...what the hell?? I'm actually happy that nicole did a major complain post on her blog about you guys.

Anyways...the week has been very hectic. Loadsa homework and preperations for presentations. Oh no. So tiring. Okay...more pics!!!

^ Really beautiful...something you can't get in malaysia due to the way england only give very light showers instead of downpours. Much more beautiful in real life.

^My food again!

^I tell you, the wind is getting crazier and crazier. Literally blows you away not to mention freezes your bones to the core.

^No. It's not winter yet. This is because the winds were too strong and blew all the leaves away. Alot of green leaves on the floor.

And last but not least...


^Hello wira reverse parking!!!!


Blogger SqUiRreLPoUcH burped out...

i feel your frustration bryan...i get that too with customer service of the three network here... it's really annoying... :s

6:39 am  
Blogger chickenluck burped out...

Hey mellllllllllllllll!!!

Really long time no talk+see!

Haha...there is 3 network here too...

but im not into monthly contracts...i think too expensive..:D

11:14 pm  
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