Monday, October 20, 2008

What was in my stomach today : Butter Garlic Pork Chop, Pak Choy and lil bit of Scrambled Eggs.

The pork chop lacked corn flour cuz i didn put enough...but it was allright!!!
The pak choy was bad cuz i bought the wrong one...too watery!!!
And the eggs...were leftover ingredients from the pork chop so i might as well fry it!

Living alone in the UK has forced me to go grocery shopping fo realz...I have to shop for meat and vege(pakchoy cant get in local market...gotta go to chinese shop) unlike back in PJ where i just followed my mom to buy. And cooking is another thing though i think im blessed with average cooking skills and the ability to experiment. I might just become an excellent cook by the time i get home...:P

I miss just lazing around and eating when i want too. That's why i miss home..being like a prince...hahaha. Cooking is time consuming so sometimes i just pop in a ready made meal to the oven and heat it up.

Life's so far so good. Doing homework and projects take most of my time while the remainder spent either on the pc or just walking arounf town with friends.

The highlight of last week was that on Friday, I played futsal in an outdoor in the blistering cold! I had my first taste of it when the ball flew into another court and I went to get it. When i came back with the ball I was already panting heavily. Wtf? What's worst was that it started raining few minutes into the game.

You can't really sweat, breathing is harder due to the cold air,the nose gets runny and the ears gets sore cuz of the rain. Saliva really becomes gooey so not spitting would be an issue.
The killer would be the headache cuz of the weather. Worst than playing games in cameron's rain guys!!! Oh well, now I can at least say I know how footballers feel!

No pics of the footie cameraman. Lawl!

^Guess whooooooo???

^Malaysia Boleh!


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