Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I was bored I blogged.

Oh kay...I haven't been blogging lately ( if there was cash given to me everytime I said that I'd be rich). Heck, even my gf has been updating her blog more frequently than I am. The past week has been a utter nightmare as I had presentations and crazy 3 hour long seminars. The only highlight was Halloween which I didn't plan to celebrate but last minute decided to check things out.

Halloween was pretty much unique as you get to see people(not only kids) dress up and roam the street! Brits here are much more enthusiastic in dressing up for halloween that they go all out. Some brits grouped together to go as Smurfs, Ghostbusters, The Incredibles, Ninjas (all in groups) while the rest dressed on their own.

There was this fellow brit which costume made me laugh. He wore torn black bin bags all over and to his chest attached a paper written "I am Rubbish". He was walking past me when I read it out and he turned back and laughed.

The reason why all the students were out dressing up was none other than to club or drink which to many of you guys know isn't my kinda thing. My friends and I checked out a club for awhile then left for home. :D

Halloween aside, nothing much has happened. Oh! Obama is president! Meh, guess everyone should know by now.

Will be going for The Nottingham Games this weekend! See you there fellow Malaysians!

Just a few pics of where I'm staying right now.

^The white block is where my flat is. The highest one to the left. My room is on the opposite side of the building which can't be seen. :/


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