Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas, New Year, Singapore and end of 1st term assignments.

Christmas was great back in Malaysia. Yes. For those of you who didn't know that I am back well, I am. And for those who knew I was back, shame on you for not telling the rest!

Basically Christmas was spent back here. This years Christmas reminds me of the good old Christmasses where you can actually feel the warmth and all of the Christmas goodness. Maybe its partly because I miss home and am happy to spend my holidays here, maybe it's because it's my first Christmas together with Elle, or maybe I got a dslr as a present!

^1st few shots with my sony a300 (stop asking me WHY sony?)

New Year eve was great as well, went to Curve after a party at Elle's dad's place. I took the opportunity to look up on how to shoot night shots on the internet but failed to find out how to shoot a result....

Bah...stupid... Anyways, I'm still new so more to learn!!

^Mc Conald's

^Miss Hoegaarden 2008-2009

On New Years day itself, I popped by Singapore for the weekend. ZOMGZ! 2 days (was there for 2 days 3 nights) is not enuff to spend your time in Singapore. Although carefully planned, many things got in the way and there wasn't enough time to do what I was supposed to do.

^Famous Orchard Road

^Shals, Elle and I

We headed to Millienium Walk which was close to Suntec to explore abit and found this...Uber cool wei. It's a whole store dedicated to various kinds of chocoalates. Chocolates with diff flavors to be exact. Ranging from different kinds of nuts, spice, fruits, etc.

^Dream carrr~!!

^ Hooters @ Clark Quay for dinner

^ Shutter 20 secs, ISO 400. Low Exposure (Forgot how low)

Day 2 was supposed to be another day for shopping but other plans came along, Lunch and dinner with relatives. We had minimal time and scrape some plans of our schedule. Had lunch at Long Beach then Unc Richard took us the the new Marina Bahrageh Barage. No pics of the Barage because none were interesting enough.

^East Coast (Had Lunch at Long Beach)

^On top of the Barage

^City View

^Nice ass dude!

Ended off the day with a trip down Haji Lane. Actually, just for Elle, all the fashion shiznitz were there. I wasn't too interested. Think Jongker St in Melaka but just swap the tourist shops for Underground fashion with Comme des Garcone and stuff like that.

Left for Malaysia the next morning empty handed(only me la..elle enjoyed her spree). The trip was fun spending time with Elle but not good for shopping. Too packed! Oh wellz.

Oh yeah and guess what? I just handed in my last assignment today!


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