Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hair loss and En-suite rooms.

The one thing I hate about UK is the amount of hair you lose in a day. Seriously. I am suprised that I still have hair on my head! I dunno if it's the water(drinking or bathing) but I put kittens to shame.

After every bath, My drainage hole would be clogged up with hair! Gross much? What's worst was that today the water didn't even flow down and i had to remove the drainage grill to unclog it. The stench was horrendous! Imagine all the kinds of shit and dirt! Ah well, don't have to clean it for like another 3 mths I hope and by then I'd be out of there.

Another thing most annoying is that my flat's toilet floor has no drainage hole(other than the shower) I mean wtf! How to wash? Cannot lor. I have to mop the floor and for those who don't do their chores, yes, mopping is more tiring than washing.

Bah enough ranting. I'm tired. No pics because like BenTay wrote in his blog, its not safe to bring out your camera in a foreign area I'm lazy.


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