Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sony Ericsson Laptops: How Gullible Can People Be?


My cousin Shalson received chain mails from his friends few weeks ago which stated that you could win a Sony Ericsson Laptop if you pass it on.

We talked and we laughed about the noobs who got pwned by the chain mail. Didn't give much though about it till the chain reached me. Like wth. From Singapore to UK(lol ok la Malaysia la)! Why are these ppl so noob?

1) It's a friggin chain mail. Come this the first time ever getting a chain mail?

2) Sony Ericsson does phones only. Sony does laptops. It's like LG Mobile making refrigerators.

3) Just go google the laptop models shown. Even the creator of this mocks you people forwarding these mails. Forget it, I'll just provide you with the links and pics.



Those noobs got pwned.


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