Monday, January 18, 2010

My Valentine's Day

The one thing about Valentine's Day this year is how some couples are going to celebrate it. Yep for those of you ignorant ppl who doesn't know that Valentine's falls on th 1st day of CNY, go and back and hide under your rock.

Sure, some might say that they'll go visiting during the day and go out for the V'day dinner celebration at night. But what about those couples whose other half's heading back to their home town for CNY. D: Reason why i brought this up is because my baby's going back to her hometown!

So how?

Could I maybe choose another date to spend my vday with? I'm sure she wont mind...right baby?

I think I'ma choose Emma Roberts as my date and before all ya guys call me a paedo pedro,

^Me ain't no Paedo!

Let me remind you that the young and beautiful Miss Roberts ain't as young as she looks! She's 19!

Here's another picture that justifies how hot she looks!

Well maybe a few more while I'm at it...

I'll start the date the traditional way by showing up at Ms Roberts doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, dressed up in my best attire to escort her back to my car.

I know the bouquet of flowers is too common and predictable but hey, it works. Girl's love flowers no matter how much they tell you that it's expensive and that it's such a waste of good money cause they die fast. They is lying.

I'd then take her to a restaurant that she likes, of course, do your research and find out what your prospective date likes beforehand. You wouldn't want to bring her to a sushi restaurant which serves sushi sliced from live fish in front of her and find out that she's all for PETA. But then again which idiot would bring a girl to a sushi bar for Valentine's?

After dinner, I'd take her to catch a movie. The cinema would be alright but what would be better is if you again, did your research and found out her favorite movies and watch it together with her on DVD at your house. In this case, I might even put on DVDs of shows her acting innit!

^Hulloo Emma~!...and Nuffnang!! :D

I'll end the night by taking her back home and telling her how great and wonderful it was spending Valentine's with her and kiss her on the cheek. Well who knows? She may well end up being my next girlfriend!

P.s. If I was a girl I'd hell date Ashton!! Wtf, I'd even go gay for him!


Blogger Elle burped out...

Eat shit la. U don't even turn up @ MY PLACE W/ FLOWERS AND CHOCS.

And I never said anything abt flowers being a waste of $. More flowers!!!

11:33 am  
Blogger chickenluck burped out...

You know you love me!


11:36 am  
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