Thursday, August 28, 2008


#1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
Depends on how bad the betrayal is. From "nothing lah" to "WTF?!?"

#2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

Actor? Musician? Singer? All in one?

#3. What will your dream wedding to be like?

Urr..Somewhere like Spain or France.

#4. Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?

The future is unpredictable so i just embrace whatever hits me. So am i confused? No.

#5. What's your ideal lover like?

: ) Elle.

#6. Which is more blessed? Loving someone or being loved by someone?

I've always wanted people to love me. I am LOA. LOL. Well, I think it would be "loving someone"

#7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?

Depends on if she loves u back?

#8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?

If you could steal her away from that guy, she might not be worth keeping right?

#9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Urm. None that i can think of.

#10. Is being tagged fun?

Bloody esther go suck shit and die! :D

#11. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Living a moderate lifestyle.

#12. Who are currently the most important people to you?
Elle and all my close ones friends.

#13. What kind of person do you think the one who tagged you is?

Annoying. Whiny. Small boobs. Lawl.

#14. Would you rather be rich and single or married but poor?

Rich and single for a time being...then only get into relationships!

#15. What's the first thing you do every morning?

Think of the days itenary.

#16. Would you give all in a relationship?


#17. If you fall in love with 2 people simultaneously, who would you pick?

I doubt you could LOVE two people at one time. Bella Swan ah?(twilight joke) If you can means your just an ass.

#18. What type of friends do you like?

Crazy, fun but knows boundaries.

#19. What type of friends do you dislike?

Stupid ones. No, really. Ones which can't think logically. Which sometimes annoyes you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Omg...being a comic geek, i was wikipedia-ing comics(poor comic not cheap k!!) and found this...

*Spider-man SPOILER alert*

Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom!

Apparently, new character Mr.Negative from the Brand New Day arc came in physical contact with Eddie Brock which cured him of cancer and made the remnants of the Venom symbiote in Brock's bond with his white blood cells.

Cool Cool!!

ps: I <3 symbiote arcs. Btw a new spider-man game is coming out soon. It's about the invasion of symbiotes!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

IBA Unplugged 2008

Ahhhh...Certainly a long hiatus i took. Got very lazy and just had no inspiration. One of the reasons is facebook. Now that uploading pics on facebook is extremely easy, (unlike blogger which has u painstakingly browse and add photos one by one) I kinda lack the motivation to add photos and blog about it.

Well, IBA Unplugged was just yesterday and guess who won?? None other than the mighty Undecided from SSGC. Why the name UNdecided? Well because they really couldn't think of a fancy band name. But one thing they know for sure is that alluv them decided to follow Jesus!

The annoying thing that happened was that on our way to Shah Alam Gospel Centre (which hosted this years IBA), we got lost. LOL why? Because none of the people in the car knew how to get there. Earlier that morning(okay afternoon la), I woke up at 2 when we were supposed to meet at church at that time. I gave up hope on going but dear Esther just didn't give up on me. She had JinFong to pick me up. Okay. I was saved. Yay! But the moment i got into JF's car, I was ushered to the front seat as Ruth(who was in the front seat initially) didn't know how to get there. Great. The reason why I was supposed to meet up at church was because i didn't know the way. But since no one knew the way and I was put in the navigator's seat. I couldn't let them down right? And so we travelled.

Where the hell is Kesas Highway la? I am PJ boy. I can only drive lilbit in KL. Shah Alam? Only place was JPJ at Padang Jawa(LOL! i just realised that Padang Jawa is also PJ. But no. PJ= Petaling Jaya). The map given was really really really ill-informed. Even Guatz had problems going there by Kesas. What more us? Since I didn't know the way to get to Kesas, I directed JF to the Fed Highway. I was thinking "Well, since you can use that way to go to Shah Alam and that's the only way i know. Why not? All roads lead to SAGC anyway." So we used the Fed.

Jin Fong, if you are reading this, there is some thing I want you to know. Standard road procedures:-

A) If you don't know the way, stick to the slow lane. We need time to read the sign boards and all the exists branch from the slow lane.

B) When using roundabout. Signal. But more on this later...:P

Well, as you can see in A, we missed the Shah Alam exit. So JinFong started to panic while i was thinking "What now?". I then instructed him to exit into Padang Jawa. Okay. This is where we all blur out. No signboards at all. Malaysia Boleh! I then pointed out to directions which i would think would lead me to Shah Alam. We managed to get to SACC(which looked like fate was kinda like mocking us as it looks like SAGC), short for Shah Alam Something Something. Well, It was a Shopping complex la. I asked Jf to drop me down while i asked for directions. I moved from Kenny Rogers to some optical store and to a handphone shop but none of 'em knew where Taman Sri Muda(i think it was this name lar) was. As i was about to give up, and walking to the exit of the Complex, I decided to try my luck asking a small restaurant and lo and behold! She knew where it was. And finally we made it. No thanks to the map. Well, maybe the last part.

All in all we took 1 hour to get there. 6 round abouts. 4 going round Bulatan Selangor. Heck. I'm so proud knowing it's name after missing so many turns and making it back to that roundabout. JinFong...remember to signal yaaa!?!

My blogging sux. I damn cheong hei right? must learn rumusan edi. Geez. Anyway, back to Iba Unplugged. We were lucky that SSGC was the last team to play. And not listening to them practice, it was kinda exciting not knowing how they would fare as i never listened to them b4. When it came their turn, i was mesmerized. To me they won no matter what. They were that good. I might be a music noob but they caught me over! I mean if this was American Idol I would vote for em. But judgin from the cheers after the band was done, it was clear that we won. Good job la guys. You clearly deserve it!