Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hey guysss!!!

It's up!!!!


Head over to watson's now and go to the Friendly Face award for males and vote for me!!! pls pls pls!! not asking you to sell you soul to the devil!! i just need your votes!!! a vote a day is all!! just take your time to help this brother out!!! really need you help guys!! I would really appreciate it!! Means alot to me ya!!!

So guys! please ya!!! Vote for me as much as you can!! Everyday if possible!!! Muacks muacks!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't really blogged much lately.

Okay. Nuff stating the obvious and on with the inpirational post.


I give up....current inspiration 0%. Shall go on with boring rants.

Well life so far is pretty boring. With the same ol' same ol' routine of eat shit online sleep, I haven't been rather productive. Friends have suggested I work and I might just do that but just not at the time being.*Shrugs* Well not to say im a real useless bum...cuz i do fetch my mom and sis around to do errands. Gosh...what would they do without me?

What do i feel about life as it is? I would say im pretty happy right now finally finding her. And playing around with new tech gadgets. Life in this past few months has really been a bliss.

As some might notice, I am actually on a hiatus from church and no, I won't say why at the moment. Please refrain from asking as you would probably just get a shrug. To my fellow brothers and sisters out there, please do not worry. I have not forsaken Him.

I will be popping by Singapore soon. So if any of you want anything from the Lion city please let me know and don't forget to pass me cash. Not that i'm so worried that you won't pay me back but hello.....there is only so much I can bring there and I do intend to use it all for myself. Muahahahah..XD

Ok...nuff of the 'cute' emoticons. I guess that's about all I have to say bout me now. Taa!

ps. ShengLi is my inspiration for this post. She made me blog! She said I was cheap and only blogged to advertise myself! But hey!! asking for people to spend 30 cents on a vote by sending WSyournameyour icyourstatewhereyoulive to 36322 followed by YOUC2 to 36322 again and spreading the news to your fellow friends after that is so not advertising myself ok!

pps. ShengLi don't shut down your blog ok!! Your blog is wonderful and entertaining!!! And don't forget that your my inspiration!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Watson's YOU Award!

From my previous posts you should see that i have made it into the finals of the Watson's contest ya? Well, It's this time again where i need your help!!! It's voting time!!!

Awwww come on guys!!! I just need a vote from everyone of you but id appreciate if you could keep on voting for me!!! If i win, you might stand a chance to win watson's vouchers or better ipod nano!

How to vote for Bryan!

Register! (free!!)


e.g :- WS YOU LENG ZHAI/LUI 123456-78-9100 PERAK

Send to 36322

Vote! (RM0.30)


so it would be:-


(c2 is my contestant number ...:P)

Send to 36322

With every vote, you'd receive a digital voucher from watsons!


Go to and vote online!! The site is not really up yet but id would be anytime soon!! Around 28th i guess?

I'd appreciate if you send some thru sms at least for the time being but if you love me so much you can continue thru sms! Remember can win stuff wan yeahhh!!

Thanks a bunch! Remember! An sms a day makes bryan hooray!



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity(MAFU)

This is a song written by Pete Teo and sang by MAFU. For more info log on to

One of the best local songs no??

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Watsons You Awards

Okay so...remember the freshlook contest shit i was crapping about back in the old posts?I mean i wasn't good enough for it and yeah i didn't make it. Something similar happened just recently....

I was called back into 'semi-finals' of the Watsons You Awards. How? I didn't really plan to enter anyways. I was actually coming down from my college steps to the concourse after ma classes and saw this Watsons ppl there. They approached my friend first, asking her to enter for multiple categories(Healthy Hair and Friendly Face Awards). The incentive was the RM5 voucher which they gave for selected purchases in Watsons Pharmacies. So when he asked me in turn i went like, heck..why not?

I totally forgot about this contest thingy throughout the whole month till i received a call from the urm...people in charge of calling (What do you call that?? I know for sure that Watsons outsourced them but I don't know what they're called). I was driving and asked my sis to answer the phone. When she hung up, my sister didn't know what the person on the other line was saying but all she knew was that they expected me to get back to them. And so i did.

It was only then that i remembered that i actually joined the contest like how many weeks back and i was called to joined other semi-fnalists that were narrowed down in their Friendly Face Award(FFA) search. They said that they were looking to narrow down to the top 3 contestants. I didn't really give much thought to it when i heard that because...what are the odds laaaa?? Anyways i decided to go just for the fun of it. You know me laaaaa...:P

So I was in the 2nd floor of Renaissance at 11.30am right on time as i was asked too. Bullshit. Haha. Actualy 11.40...I was 10 mins late. What??? I am Malaysian maaaaa. Anyways, who knew that ten minutes would set me back 16 places.*shrugs*.Oh well....The audition/interviews were scheduled for 12pm but we got held back about and hour plus plus because there were too many girls(30) for the Female category of FFA. Finally when our turn came, The judges really sped things up. Like a person a minute. Why? Cuz they wanna have their lunch... -_-"...Nyhoos, the 16 of use lined up(ooh..did i mention i was the last person to register?) and yeah approx 15 plus plus minutes later my turn came.

^ many ppl join wan!!
^girl in white is another friendly face top 3 (female category)

We were called to introduce ourselves( one told me...i thought all Q&A so i waited for the judges to say something while they were waiting for me to we just stare and smiled at each other...*angels passed by*..only then did i realised i was supposed to intro...lawl) and were asked a few questions like a) Why do you think you should win, b) What facial cleanser do you use.

After my turn was up, time was given for the judges to decide who the top 3 were and yeala the results were like i said in the 1st paragraph which was "Something similar happened just recently....".

Only that I made it to the top 3!!!!!!

Lawl!!! pure luck?? i think not!!! good choice of words i say and just being yourself (other contestants were nervous and all fidgety reciting their speeches cuz we were given a heads up to what the judges would ask). I went there with no intention to make it through so i guess i wasn't nervous. Funny how when you want things too much you don't get it but if you don't really hope for it, It just lands on your doorstep.

Well, It's not over yet!!! I'm sorry if i bored most of you with this post but i'm in dire need of your help!!! Once i get the video of my interview, the voting starts!!! And i need each and everyone of you...yes, even you who i might not know which is reading this... to vote for me to win the Friendly Face Award! Tolong la sikit!! Help yaaaa?? A vote a day makes Bryan gay!!

I'll update with links and all after i get em and beware of ya msn guys!!! I'm sorry to say that i will spam each and everyone of you till u make me happy!!! So vote up or you might receive a nudge by me!!!! Muahs to all of ya!!!


Well wadya knowwwww!!!! Richard aka Bubbles from PJGH also masuk top 3 for the Fit Figure Award!!! Congrats to you Baby!!! Remember!!! You vote for me i vote for u yaaaaahhh!!!

Update 2

Richard didn't make in to top 3!!! he only made it into top 10...:(

On 2 random notes.....

Random 1
^This nerd/geek(no offense but mmg wan u stare one time u know...loser material...picked up an indian girl in the lrt....LOL.... so funny kay!!! he is like so happy he got her email...but when she got off her seat to leave the train you cud see her face was in disgust...

Random 2
^AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Who is this ah?