Monday, December 15, 2008


Stupid Eleen.*grumbles*

Oh well...Ima gonna do this tag nyways...since maybe people who read this can get me what i wish for!!! *hint hint*

Wth!!!! Now everyone can be take up photography as a hobby!!! Meh!!! Esther, Hari, and stupid Eleen now got dslr also...geez!!!

See everyone got...I wan also...can hor???? Cheap cheap only!!! This is
No. 1 on my list

*steals pics from eleen's blog cuz lazy to search*

^No I don't neccesarily need a 450d...d40 also long as dslr can edi!! Thank you whoever!!

No.2 would be urm....oh well...i don't need anything at all...i actually don't have a wishlist...i just did this tag for the sake of doing. :D

OK I lied. All I want is that damned camera.....but this wish is kinda impossible to grant. But other than that I'm happy with my life!

Arghhh because of evil Eleen tagging me, Ima go be evil and tag urm....Elle?

Santa after the credit-crunch.

Helping teenagers fight.....