Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Disturbing Kids Toys

That's what i saw from far....Eats Poops....*uh-oh*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Necessities Of Life

I was going thru waiyee's blog when her latest post reminded me of something random.

You could call these the necessities of our current lifestyle. Car, Mp3 player, Cellphones and Cash (okay...so the sunnies are outta place).

Only thing lacking in the pic is a laptop and a girl. Heeeee.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Starbucks Dulce De Leche Launch @ Starbucks Curve

Last Wednesday,I was supposed to have dinner or a drink with shaz so he asked me to meet at starbucks curve. Well, apparently Shaz had a suprise for me. Wow.

I didn't know what to expect so i came in shorts, flops and a gunbound tshirt. Nabei Turban. If shaz told me there was this Starbucks launch of it's new drink and he was bringing me under media i obviously woulda dressed up properly.But since there were free fraps (only for media), i forgive u la shaz. Haha.

So we chilled out and i met a new friend His name is Xavier. David Xavier.Son of Charles Xavier from the X-men Apparently he is also comic geek. :P. Yay!^david

There was coffee tasting and we tasted few diff types of coffees namely the Arabica, Starbucks Roast and Muan Jai. To be honest. I can't tell much difference..haha.. as they all tasted bitter. The only diff was that Arabica tasted nicer than Muan Jai( muan jai is a thai word which is translated as "wholehearted happiness"). I wasn't really happy after drinking that as it wasn't my cuppa coffee tea.

After the tasting, they had games. And boy oh boy were there gifts for the winners. So yeahla. Being kiasu and all. I decided to be thick skin ( since when bryan not thick skin?) and played. There were three games all in all. Two groups and one individual. Shaz and i were in both group games but we only won one. :P. I tried out for the individual game but failed miserably. Oh well, you cant blame a guy who tried to limbo rock when he nvr even did it once b4?

^rawr mine fooood!!!

After the games and dinner, we made more new barista friends and chilled out while the baristas were rearranging the furniture back to its normal position. I helped abit! Ok. So i ordered them around. What? I helped by organizing them wert.

Ahh. We had more fraps after that. We camwhored, antm style. And we berbonding la. We retired for the night as shaz had to pass some fraps to his cousin. There is another new Starbucks outlet launching at Soho KL this thursday. It's dubbed as it's most beautiful one. Hmm. Dunno if i'll go. See la! Okays. will leave you all with summore pics to view. Ciaoz de maoz!

^prize that i won!

^my fav shot

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Josiah Leming

Before i took interest in David Archoo choo on American Idol I was rooting for this guy named Josiah Leming. He was interesting not only because of his voice but because of his background story. I guess i was not the only one. When he did not make it to the final 24, most of USA questioned AI to why Josiah didn't get thru. Most petitioned for Josiah to be a wild card but AI didn't bother to respond.

Josiah is an american guy with an american accent but when he sings, it totally changes to a british one. It's weird the first few times you hear it but you'll learn to like it after hearing him out a couple of times. What's most interesting about Josiah is that he has a very interesting background compared to the other finalists. That somewhat makes him "real" and stand out in my eyes.

The reason he failed to make it in the finals was because he got to over confident with his first audition in hollywood and tried to take the stage acapella and failed miserably. He was cocky and running on his confidence. But isn't that what makes him so real? Too bad they didn't give him a chance to make up for his mistakes. But the others from the music and entertainment industry did. He is now meeting up with major and minor recording labels and even appeared on the Ellen Degereenenneres show.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Data recovery.


Ok. So Data recovery programs work miracles. Kinda. The first thing ya gotta do is find the right one.Well. Its not that easy.

Wtfbbqplaza! I went searching(not to mention dl-ing) high and low for the right Data recovery software. To make matters worst, i was recovering from a SDcard which is in FAT16 format. And adding the friggin cherry to the top was that i was recovering video. Which was about 70mb.

Well, Most freewares are demo and wont allow u to recover more than 64kb (yes kb..and my file was?? yea..) but i love their concept though! They thoroughly scan your drive letting u see the files that were deleted. Those bastards are smart bastards. Cuz most files nowadays are above 64kb they want you to purchase.

But those true freewares are those which (A) either they recover everything without letting you choose what you want to recover (basically recoverin everything takes a long long time) or (B) Only recover what you deleted in the past 2 days. Though option B has similar capabilities as the softwares you pay for (ie the choose and recover option) the lack of recoverable memory is a killjoy.

In the end. After searching 1 whole day, i actually reverted to using the first freeware i dl-ed which is categorized in option A. As im writing this, i have no friggin choice but to wait for this silly software to recover every deleted file. Literally wtf. Anyhoos anyone out there which knows better softwares which incoporates everything above and its free and not a demo. Pls do let me know. : )


Bah the weekend was fun. : P . Watched a couple of movies and enjoyed meself. Wont go into detail though! All in all i had a blasted time. Sorry guys for not attending YF lately. The week b4 i had work. Well last week no excuse. Hopefully ill be there next week! : P

PS: Crap...im really getting fat...no kidding! Bloody hell, Elle going to gym making me sexist kiasu wanna go also!

That Feeling? :- confused & worried
What chickin' in ma ears : Finally - Fergie ft John Legend

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Work? Uni?

Work last weekend was tiring. I mean who knew that playing the Wii, walking to th toilet umpteenth times a day, sms-ing and occasionally help customers redeem their gifts would be so tiring??

Yeaaaaa. I was working for S'factory which client was Panasonic at Sunway Pyramid. I can say it was easy money cuz i did not work at the mall itself. It was upstairs at the convention centre.

The first day, i was stationed inside with all the hot sexy models but had nothing to do except wait for ppl to bring their stamp cards for me to stamp (they were having this "collect all stamps and receive panasonic exlcusive merchandise" which happens to be a pen and a notebook...so exclusive). Only like what 5 people in an hour?? I beh tahan cuz all my frens outside so i went out and abandoned my post. Haha. Anyone can stamp ma.

So we were all hanging outside giving leaflets to ppl. And sms-ing. And nintendo wii-ing. And walking around. And flirting. And going to the toilet. Boring shit. But no matter how boring it was very tiring standing for so long.

Oh yeah fat sarah was my coworker btw.

Nyhoos. I only spent 3 days working and can consider it easy cash la cuz less work then quiksilver and definitely even less than Friday's.

For those of you who dunno. I'm going to UK to study this september liao. Leaving most probly around 12-13 maybe? So yeala prepare for my bday/farewell party ya! I want it to be a suprise!!!

Just went today to withdraw myself from KDU. Probably would be my last few times there. Oh well. Okies. Brain ran dry di. I realised i can't blog well without pics. So yeah. When i go to uk, every update would at least have 1 random pic.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Fragile Life.


I dunno how to express the feeling/emotion im having now. It's bahhh.

Was surfing facebook as usual and i came across a friend or a friend's page. I then proceeded to read his blog.

And there was when i read a post relating to another friend of my friend. Andrew from the RVN group of SMKDJ, is in ICU. Even though i am not close to him, this feels like shit man. Probably the first time we ever met was way back in,(if im not mistaken) 2004 when we played football for SSGC for CopaIBA.

My prayer goes out to him. He's still alive but in coma so let's just hope for the best. So I hope that anyone who reads this, who like me know him but just not that well, just...pray for him.


My condolences go out to Andrew's family, The RVN boys and all andrew's friends. :(