Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Malaysia...

Went to curve to celebrate...I went with eleen ang...for those who dunno....she was from ssgc...and a friend from like 6 years back...We went and catched up abit while having dinner...and decided to go around shopping and catch a movie...ahhaa....eleen says if she keeps going out with me...she'll end up broke...cuz im not the type to control ppl from buying stuff...i encourage instead...:P...wat la...i also lidat maa...see nice, got money mai buy looo...:P

We went and watched Secret..directed produced acted etc by Jay Chow/Chou turned out to be a not bad show....touching la...romantic....but out of this world...literally...anyways...i recommend it la...damn flirty wei some parts...cute cute...anyway eleen if ur reading bday cuming up and i want u to buy "Sky" for me...

Before the movie...we decided to play pool la...while walking to the pool area...we kept stopping at 987123723123729381893 shops....eleen we stopped at one outside the pool area...something caught my eye...

A closer inspection....

kekeke...pirated 'it' bag...:P....for those who dunno...go google it...

After the movie....bout 11.20 lidat...we went out to see fireworks....we looked out the cineleisure window and wahhh...

Packed sia...we adjourned to the bridge where somehow it was very empty...disturbing...but we tot we were lucky....and then the countdown fireworks were beautiful la....especially one that looked as if it was blinking and falling slowly for quite awhile...then i wondered...what if someone actually made on which blew into a smiley suddenly...louds booms and bangs...fireworks were released on the bridge linking curve to was nice and often do u get to stand near a place where they actually launched it...oh well...i was amazed and yet alil sked...cuz it was so near...was it allright for us to be so near?? soon i got the answer....stupid gunpowder residue fell on us like as tho small bits of erasers where falling from the sky...some of em still stank we know why the place under the bridge was so vacant...

overall...the fireworks was good la...can compensate for not going to putrajaya...:P...

after the fireworks and all...we stayed abit...till like 2 sumthing...cuz we new if we left straight away...we would be caught in the massive yeah...hung around abit....thing is... around 2-3 ....the area between laundry, cineleisure and red box were till packed sia....wahlao...oh well..


random stuff...

lol...ben yue outside gsc...b4 watching rush hour 3 awhile back ago realised that....

He wore his shirt inside out....LOL

Monday, August 27, 2007

Free Hugs Campaign

Dunno where was the first time i saw this...initially i din really care...but the more i saw it on ppls blogs...the more i got curious...quite touch-ening!! haha...but if u do in Malaysia...syariah come after u....

But think about it...a hug like this could change a person's mood just like that...

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The sound of gunfire raving through the air....As one by one your allies go down...
Suddenly, the sound of firearms stop...leaving me in the quiet.....
The sound of my cross-necklace clinking against the barrel of my gun frightened me..i peep out from my barricade searching for visible targets from the enemy line but none was to be seen...i retreated back in...

A sudden movement caught my eye..i peeped through a hole in the barricade...he was wearing something like a raincoat...or a wind breaker...i was not too sure...all i knew was that he was not a friend....i placed my weapon through the hole and aimed..due to good practice with my BB gun...i thought i could get a nice shot...i fired the first shot...i missed...damn...i wasn't holding my gun tight enough and the recoil made my accuracy off. I made a reminder to myself to keep my gun steady.

Suprisingly, the miss should have scared the enemy off into hiding but he still kept in clear view of my shot. He didn't think he was vulnerable from my angle i guess. Not a full body but parts of it were showing. I aimed again...this time..i pressed the barrel of my gun down the barricade and held in down...I fired...a satisfying "ahh" and he was down...though only his hands and weapon were visible...but that was good enough. The sound of ammo hitting my barricade shocked me and i took cover. I hid....waiting for the enemy to cease fire. Looking to my right, my ally bid me to go press forward. And so i did...

With him taking cover...i jumped and slid towards the next barricade..a bad move...i scratched my hand but i wasn't bad...though i could have avoided it. I scouted again....this time...i saw the two barrels of the enemies guns sticking out through a barricade. Seeing as they where taking fire at my ally on the right side, i checked whether the coast was looked so...I ran towards the left...and then right behind the enemies...bad now i there were no barricades blocking view....i was clearly in the open...though the two Nazis were still firing at my ally, further up ahead, two more were spraying at me....i was in deep shit...stuck in this position, i couldn't die without taking at least one enemy i took the opportunity to back stab the clueless nazis... success....she never knew what hit her...just as i was about to shoot the other, i got shot at my least i took one down....and i lay down...dying...

I raised my hand up and said....RESPAWN!!! and i ran back...hahaha...poor Kit got shot in the hand and in the neck by me...looks like i fired more shots that i thought while sniping...Tee yee was the unlucky one who was caught by suprise and Benlee gunned me down...:P...that was the only actual body hit i got during the was all a game...but and extreme was paintball!!!

It was fun laaa....we went to TT sports next to holiday inn...we as in most of ASS(agape / SSGC)... Beats cs hands down...duh la right??? The teams were 7 team pure SS (i was in) and the other rojak ass and agape...:P...the place was called camelot/ red city( jungle warfare laa...dunno which wan...) ...I did alot of rolling, sliding, crawling and i was proud off myself..i usually get taken out as the last few man standing...not that i coward la...but i was always under fire...henry and raymond la..I think we played about 4 games (we each had 200 pellets but kor kor ben and eugene bought extra and so we shared...:P ...thanks guyss!!!) i hate henry la...bloody camper (i dun care la...waiting for me to pop my head out is considered camp to he headshot me twice right in the on the forehead of the mask...the effect of it is exactly like Call Of Duty 2....when a grenade blows around get the ringin in the ear...But we had masks on....its compulsory...the weakest part of ur body in paintball is your eyes, ears and face.. The only thing we didn't opt for was the kevlar vest(or so called by ben tay).. i mean..cmon paintball....the fun is the pain right??? otherwise u can play one gets injured...:P...

Lolz...i bruised Kit's hand...that was nicela...super satisfying sniper shot...but i dunno how his neck got it...he claims its me...but...hmm...maybe my miss-hit wasnt a miss-hit...cuz of the recoil...i faster ducked...i dunno bout Tee yee's back i fired 2-3 shots...LOL!! KAHN CHEONG MA!!! BEN SHOOTING AT ME LERR...and i shot jinfong on the neck....the poor bugger was a sitting duck...or rather...standing...i was came out of his barricade and like moved like turtle...but i think he thought he was covered by another angle)...i spray only la...pop...his neck kena...then he turned his back against us ...a few more flew at his back but i dun think it got him (cuz once ur hit u raise ur hand so ppl know ur hit and wont shoot u)...poor him....after that game he retired...he couldn't talk properly or swallow...sorry la Jinny bad...i sniped ben once but the pellet did not burst (he could actually submit for a paint check and can continue) but he just walked out.

In the first game i was kinda one on one with ray...we kept popping heads out and shooting and hiding again...when suddenly...benL helped....but he sin cue...his pellet shot at my support hand's thumb...that was my first injury...i tot friendly fire was not considered in the game so i stayed in...after a quick check with the marshall after that game...i was told i was supposed to go out...lolz....sorry team 2...:P...but michael shot me on the side of my mask...and i was out...grrr..

The first few games we played elimination...where both teams take out all the opponents...and the last ppl standing on their team wins...:p....only the last game where we could respawn...we all got braver and chung la....

This made me thinking...if this was a real war...and wat we used were real guns...i think id shit in my pants la...its not as easy as u think...dodging the bullets and taking cover...every now and then u hear thuds on the barricades (there were wooden boards, barrels, and tyres...with tyres i found most effective as u could snipe from holes...they can't see u but u can!!) you worry whether the next one would hit you...thats when u roll or slide to a diff barricade...and if we were be dead without knowing it...3 head shots...and one hip shot...thumb shot not counted(stupid ben).... bruises were mild...but jinfong, kit, michael, peter and especially nigel who got a red bruise on his hip and another dark bruise right between his ass a tail pulled off....not bad la for my first time playing...weeeeee...:P...
the only wound that hurts me the scratch from sliding..

Today i drove jeffrey's satria gti from lotus to blitz...i did well la...short distance but can la...though switching gears still jerky...:P...i did not get any life threatening situations...proud proud...still can drive manual...:P

Sorry no pics...we were to busy shooting the hell outta ppl...:P...there were team pics ...b4 and after on ray's and kit's cam...will post if i ever get it la...:P..

I can kinda say im quite happy...after so least i got to release stress and take it up on ppl...LOL!!! paintball is actually a way to hurt ppl without any strings advice...when ur emo and pissed...arrange paintball....just make sure u dun get hit...:P

I have this though...

Beautiful pearls are actually paint pellets....henry's pellets....that dropped out...kekekeke...


Pre exam stress...:P

everything reminds me of you...thought im depressed and dissapointed...its not easy to forget you

Saturday, August 25, 2007


(ap) Skysurfer - Take me to the Moon on this giant balloon, because i need you like a fork needs a spoon. says (12:45 PM):
i team up with sarah and ester di
(ap) Skysurfer - Take me to the Moon on this giant balloon, because i need you like a fork needs a spoon. says (12:45 PM):
(ap) Skysurfer - Take me to the Moon on this giant balloon, because i need you like a fork needs a spoon. says (12:47 PM):
i team up sarah not caz i like her caz i like her sister so must give good impression
i E m o 林 - today i learned that ps is post script... says (12:48 PM):
i E m o 林 - today i learned that ps is post script... says (12:48 PM):
esther le?
(ap) Skysurfer - Take me to the Moon on this giant balloon, because i need you like a fork needs a spoon. says (12:48 PM):
caz i love her
i E m o 林 - today i learned that ps is post script... says (12:48 PM):
i E m o 林 - today i learned that ps is post script... says (12:48 PM):
fu**ing playboy

a fren to be was all i wanted...a stranger to you is what you pains to see that u din really take much of the past...didn it mean something??...oh well....i guess i was never really that important..:(...sigh..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

transformation??? an emoholic....

I can't seem to sober up...emo always gets to me....
I need help..i've been like this for about 6 mths now...
Doctors say i need to start a new so i went home and listened to "start of something new" since it has the same words...but i found no the next day i went back...WTF!!! the practice was was empty....the doctor scammed me and ran away with my emo journal!! wtf la....

Can anyone save me from what i have become??? What if i can't be saved...What if you become and emoholic too??? What would you do???

A friend introduced me to looks GREAT!! i wonder whether i shud try to sign up and check it out....but im afraid to be lonely....would anyone of you join me on this march to transformation?? I heard i might find resolve in this find something way better than any material harm checkin it out?? head over to now and check it out...remmber to give me a call and let me know if your joining!!!!

(LOLZ!!!!) is what the flabberwabber

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


'if all of it doesn't matter at all.....why start anyway?'

this has been running thru my mind....simple...but troubling sentence..
do i regret?? was good...but is it all worth it for the pain now??? i not too sure no more..

Our camp blog...please do visit...

I'm a-DICK-ted to you

Monday, August 20, 2007

College blues..

I went to college at 8 today...and because its teh first day in college...classes are short... usually less than an yeah i had 3 subjects on today...all 2 hour sessions....two subjects back to back and one two hours after the first two...each of em were one hour imagine how much time i had....did loadsa has to go on...trying to get to the grass on the otherside....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have been hurt till i'm immune to anything.

How badly do you hate me? What have i done for you to despise me?

I called you out and if you told me that you didn't wanna go... then so be it...i wud find someone else

But no... you wait to tell me when i have left my hse at the very last minute. Whom can i call?
I was asked to do important errands. Errands that cud only be done in the place we were supposed to go. And i was given it because i was supposed to go there.

You know how i hate plans not turning out well? I utterly despise it. I get pissed. I get moody. You know that right? And there you were saying that you dowan to go. Reason? You just dowan too.

It's not asking for much but if i made plans with you and you suddenly tell me your not gonna be in the plan ...means it's ruined. If you told me earlier i woulda found a replacement. Knowing how much u dislike me now it wouldn't be suprised if u said no. But you had to say yes and disappoint me later.

I knew i had no hope long ago..It was just hard to let go. It doesn't mean i was hoping to get back with you again? I just wanted to be a fren. No longer a close friend as u say i demand too much. Now even as a friend. You could easily ask me to "Fuck Off". Yes. I took it too heart. Why? If i did something bad i would deserve it. But i don't. You had to add there and then that you don't wanna hang out with me tonight. I was so "pleased".

Even if you weren't my ex, I would have felt pissed and f'ed the fella up cuz it's damn shit up to ffk ppl last minute. I've hinted twice that i would really appreciate it if you came along and had dinner, and hung out with me by coming into your house and waited to bath and calling you after that. After all, it was my last night hangin out on a sunday. But no matter what, you just wouldn't bother.

I think you hate me. It's that obvious. I did not backstab u or two time you or nything. We ended it on a friendly basis. Yet you have grown to hate me. Why? i dunno. The f-ed up thing is that after all i've done for you, all we've gone thru. It seems as if it was nothing to you. How cold can you get? I have always put you before myself. It was you you you. If you were happy then i am. And i probably still do.But you've seem to let go of everything so easily. I dun even see a small memory of us living in your eye. I guess you have never appreciated the things i've done for you. And you probably never will.

You never listen. You'd probably think this is an offense(if you ever read my blog) to you but its not. If i cant talk things out with you. How am i gonna let go? Only by this. You never understand things i wanna tell you. You always think i am merely scolding you. But i have always thought that talking things out is the best solution but every time i try. You hang up and ignore me.

I love you. I still do. Thing is i don't know why. I actually thought i meant something to you. But now i have second thoughts. Have you ever loved me? Was i ever something to you? Or was i just a plaything? I fell so deeply for you. Believing that you have changed. That you were the one. I guess its safe to say you never loved me. Maybe it was all just infatuation.

Now not only have i nothing to eat but i had to go to one u to do the errands and waste my last day to go out sitting infront of the pc doing this. If only you've learned to say sorry then everything would sit on a different note. But you were never wrong for i have always gave in to you. Silly me..

Thursday, August 16, 2007


at least the color suits my theme...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 doors, 4 doors ,5 doors?

han li says:
dunno wat is 3 door

han li says:
*2 door

han li says:
only sports car

han li says:

JL says:*purposely give u gay colour!!!*
like all the other m'sian say is 4 door sedan

han li says:
sedan is not hatch ma

han li says:
boot is not open all the way

han li says:
the gen 2 ur mom is 5 door

JL says:
same la. proper count is also 5 door la. boot no door ah

han li says:
the sedan is 4 door

JL says:
lazy to start another pointless argument with u

han li says:
as long is hatch back mean got way into the seat

han li says:
bet with u!

han li says:

han li says:
dun bliv me

han li says:

JL says:
sure sure. name tag

JL says:

han li says:
no la but seriously

han li says:
u go askshow room

han li says:
hatchback like my kelisa also 5 door

han li says:
as long as open the boot can access seats they call 5

han li says:
cuz last time i ask showroom

han li says:
i so bloor

han li says:
i wonder where the 5th door is

han li says:
i count only four

han li says:
that time i damn small

han li says:

han li says:

han li says:
The European Civic has a different appearance and is offered primarily as 5-door and 3-door hatchbacks. In the UK

han li says:

han li says:
ok la i shaddap

han li says:
JL tulan me

JL is ignoring Bryan Lim says:
i knew u were bound to find that if u were reading wiki

han li says:

so...i dunno wat jeff's meaning by posting this on his blog...but...memang hatchback's are 5/3 door simply because the fifth/third door is the boot which enables you to crawl in and out of the car (according to ben, it's designed for ppl to crawl out during accidents)where else sedan is four door because the boot is a compartment by itself and doesn't lead to the interior and therefore not considered a door. So jeff no offense but it's just for u to know not to shoot u or nything. My bet is still up though!!!

anyone who disagrees with me, gimme a holla!!!

ps: ignore the badge/tag comment...

"How do you think they knew that my yard was safe and that I would love them and buy cracked corn to feed them? Somehow they came to a "good home" and stayed. Was it just chicken luck?" quoted from the christian science monitor

annoy- ded

!) college commences

2) had a roe with mom about college and my future...

3) had to go out for errands with dad...( good boy la)

4) dad hit the mirror of the wing mirror...

will update more if the world couldn't get any better...

this isnt my lucky day...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life so far...

Have not been blogging for a long time liao...

In summary of the posts that shuda been up, i have been rather emo the whole time...tom i start school after about 3 weeks of holidays. In a way its rather sad cuz i have to wake up early...but also good cuz i wont be dead bored sitting in front of the computer.

Back a year ago life was so different. I probably didn't have any goals but oh was nice..i was happy no matter wat. Life seems so different now. Im troubled, depressed and easily angered. There isn't much to look forward too anymore. When depressed, i tend to think alot of negative thoughts like what would happen if i got into and accident...if my life got taken away?? would i have finished my purpose on earth?? well right now...i have nothing holding me back so i guess i might just leave with no regrets. But yeah...i only thought of all those shit. Im not that stupid kills himself. That's why i mentioned accident.

Back then, when i was sad i w0uld think of her and that made me happy. And then i lost her. Went thru a hell lot of emo time. I was seriously depressed thought more off accidents and injuries. But then i tot.. cannot got captain ball then i went "hey!! at least there is something else leading me on..". It was captain ball. So i trained hard. I did my best. My own training. I was kinda satisfied. Not happy as i was still emo-ing about her...but it would manage..It was something to look froward too.

My sis came back and so did my niece n bro in law..the enviroment was so "family"!!! and then i decided to go sing with em for a short holiday. I was enjoying myself when i got a call from a sticky. I had a feeling it aint good and sthing about captain ball.. and so this bothering feeling annoyed me throughout the trip.

When i came home, true enuff i found out that i wasn't good enuff for the team. I was very depressed. The game i loved the most. The only game i was good at was taken away from me.
I knew i wasn't that good but i still tot i was good enuff for the team. But there was nothing icud do la. If i wasn't good enuff then so be it. I wudn wanna make a big fuss and force them to pull ppl from the team and risk of getting blamed if we lost. Though not being in the team i still wanted the team to win. I continued to support em and all. The team did their best tho. We could have won if not for the long break.

Back to my state..I was very depressed. I snapped at everything from then on. I kinda hope..lost everything. Things didn't help when i heard that my bro was going to US to work. Soon he left, my sis left and i was all alone. Being alone sucks.. it just does.

Now here i am..finishing my last sem of diploma..contemplating on whether to further studies in US or UK. I dunno..if life is good there i might just work there. There isn't much in malaysia anyways. Plus the managers of the country are biased. Anyhoos...i feel as tho i have changed alot. Im no longer that happy go lucky guy. Even if u see me acting all ok, im just earing a mask... a hot one with a face of a leng zhai... oh least my lameness and childishness stays...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hooked on to this song....stupid ryn this the lyrics...i listen to it almost everyday...stuck in my head....arghhh...

Kau -Dua

Lelahku mencari penggantimu… penggantimu…
Tetap kan kembali kepadamu… kepadamu…
Mungkin ini pertanda engkaulah cintaku… cintaku…

Tiada yang lain yang pantas untukku
Yang seharusnya ku cinta
Bolehkah lagi kuminta hatimu
Kembali seperti dulu

Bayangmu selalu menggelapkan dihatiku
Hingga ku tak mungkin mengganti yang lain selain dirimu
Mungkin ini pertanda seharusnya cintaku… cintaku…

Tiada yang lain yang pantas untukku
Yang seharusnya ku cinta
Bolehkah lagi kuminta hatimu
Kembali seperti dulu

Kuingin kau slalu yang jadi milikku ooh…