Monday, October 27, 2008

The weather. sd card reader is effed up. I don't know what the fark is wrong with dell but their warranty is shit ass. Not only is it trouble some that they pass me around 3 people before reaching the technician which gave me the good news that i will have to PAY for the service. WTF DELL? WTF DELL? SO BRAINLESS ?? WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY FOR?? Funny thing is that i called the UK branch and all 4 people that talk to me were either indians or pakis who couldn't understand pronounciation well...What happen to the brits? Really dell...what the hell?? I'm actually happy that nicole did a major complain post on her blog about you guys.

Anyways...the week has been very hectic. Loadsa homework and preperations for presentations. Oh no. So tiring. Okay...more pics!!!

^ Really beautiful...something you can't get in malaysia due to the way england only give very light showers instead of downpours. Much more beautiful in real life.

^My food again!

^I tell you, the wind is getting crazier and crazier. Literally blows you away not to mention freezes your bones to the core.

^No. It's not winter yet. This is because the winds were too strong and blew all the leaves away. Alot of green leaves on the floor.

And last but not least...


^Hello wira reverse parking!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What was in my stomach today : Butter Garlic Pork Chop, Pak Choy and lil bit of Scrambled Eggs.

The pork chop lacked corn flour cuz i didn put enough...but it was allright!!!
The pak choy was bad cuz i bought the wrong one...too watery!!!
And the eggs...were leftover ingredients from the pork chop so i might as well fry it!

Living alone in the UK has forced me to go grocery shopping fo realz...I have to shop for meat and vege(pakchoy cant get in local market...gotta go to chinese shop) unlike back in PJ where i just followed my mom to buy. And cooking is another thing though i think im blessed with average cooking skills and the ability to experiment. I might just become an excellent cook by the time i get home...:P

I miss just lazing around and eating when i want too. That's why i miss home..being like a prince...hahaha. Cooking is time consuming so sometimes i just pop in a ready made meal to the oven and heat it up.

Life's so far so good. Doing homework and projects take most of my time while the remainder spent either on the pc or just walking arounf town with friends.

The highlight of last week was that on Friday, I played futsal in an outdoor in the blistering cold! I had my first taste of it when the ball flew into another court and I went to get it. When i came back with the ball I was already panting heavily. Wtf? What's worst was that it started raining few minutes into the game.

You can't really sweat, breathing is harder due to the cold air,the nose gets runny and the ears gets sore cuz of the rain. Saliva really becomes gooey so not spitting would be an issue.
The killer would be the headache cuz of the weather. Worst than playing games in cameron's rain guys!!! Oh well, now I can at least say I know how footballers feel!

No pics of the footie cameraman. Lawl!

^Guess whooooooo???

^Malaysia Boleh!

Happy 6th month baby!!!

^Much Better!

"I know I'm noob but at least I tried." Pun intended... :D

I love you!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vandalism or sweet revenge?

I heard a loud smash and glass hitting the floor and when i looked up and saw a person running into the lane...

Took me awhile to register what actually happened as i saw more people gathered. From my window i couldn't really judge where that sound came from. Could it be a car's window? Or a house.
I then realised it was a window of the house opposite when i saw them examining it.

Was it an act of revenge? probably rivalry or enemies? Or was it jsut plain vandalism. Well it's not something unheard of. During club nights, the drunken teens would vandalise cars whether its playing with the wipers or side mirrors or pulling out the hub-caps. Britain. Little Britain.

^Running in

^Broken window

50 Minutes later.....

^And we all thought Britain's police would be more resposive.(you can see the owners boarded the window..lawl)

2 hours later( im some kinda papparazi arent i?)

^The repairman so efficient! It's 11pm and they just arrived!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A lil bit of rain and a too much of a breeze

^Postman Pat has new wheels.

The weather her is nuts(not under the sunshine)! lawl...lame much.

Bah! It's so friggin cold and it randomly rains! I got caught under unsuspecting showers so many times! Went to co-op to get some groceries today. The cost came to be of 10 pds. ZOMGZ RM60!
The horror! Oh well, better get used to it.

The weekend is here! Can do what i like! Relax, enjoy movies cuz of superb dl speeds! Ahh! But i still miss home. I've gotten used to walking long now. No aches and all. No wonder women can walk in shopping centre 4 hours. Takes alot of practice ya?

As i mentioned in previous posts, i said that lecturers here dun give a shit and all and are plain boring but i guess not all of them are. I had two other lecturers this week and they were both at least entertaining. The best one has to be the Marketing lecturer. He keot us hooked and entertained with good jokes and he even gave me 10 pence(which he found dropped on the floor). Well i guess its great cuz marketing is my fav subject and the best thing is that my degree majors in that subject. Weeeee!

Students here are crazy. They party everynight but the worst night has to be thursday. All shops open till 8 or late and it's Liquid night. Liquid happens to be the equivalent to Zouk/Maison or whatever happening clubs in KL. The girls here wear even less clothes than those of Malaysia considering the weather here is atrocious. Shame on you la Malaysian girls. The girls here can wear tubes and miniskirts while i can only survive in a thick jacket and jeans. Shame on me too.

Well, i haven't been to clubs nor have i been drinking(as i am a good boy and dun club and drink if there is no proper occasion) but my friends really enjoyed it. They say that we malaysians must at least club once to try out the clubbing scene here. I may just try it out some time.

One thing is that i can really get lonely here at night as i only have so much friends. No one to talk to on msn in the night really makes me lonely. Garh! I can't complain much! Just get this year over with and i'm done!

^Emokid me.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Neighbour from hell.

You heard of all this kinda shit? Yes, it does exist.

Some ppl just have no consideration. Their fucking brains are stuck somewhere between the anus. I have a flatmate from hell. He slams doors, doesn't clean up after himself and worst of all, has been using the kitchen 3 nights in a row. As if that's not bad enough, he invites the entire circus to join him and they start from 6 till 9-10. What's more is that cooking that long incurs high energy usage. Who's gonna pay the bill?

I'm gonna complain to the management tom. He just doesn't listen. We told him off, yet he still does it. You just messed with the wrong flatmate man.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hello hello.

Ok. How is my first few days of Uni? Well, It's kinda boring maybe because that it's the first week?
One thing's for sure is that the lecturers are very different compared to the ones in Malaysia. They don't spoonfeed you, they are stuck up(ask too many questions and they get annoyed), the British accent puts you to sleep, and they are "programmed" to know what they are supposed to know. Ask anymore and they shrug.


Campus is only 10 mins walk(Malaysian pace) from my flat but another 5 from my doorstep. It's new and beautiful! At night it glows with multicolors! Don't wanna imagine the cost of electricity incurred though.

One thing I like about Northumbria U. is that they have enough to incoporate all the tech stuff to their buildings and the courses. Smart cards are used to access certain places in the Uni while all the accomodations need proxy donggles(similar to smartcards but in a donggle) to access the main entrance, block and then the flat door. You'd have to use the classic key to enter your room though. Most of the doors used to exit buildings in Newcastle are touch enabled. Means you just need to tap the door and it opens automatically or either press a button.

Technology here has a downside as I have mentioned before. When I came here, i couldn't find any places with free WiFi(obviously now after walking around i found 2-3 but not anywhere near my flat). It hit me hard as my flat hadn't had internet installed yet. So for 3 days I was cut of from the world! No internet no life!!!

Arghh!!! I hate the fact that everything closes at around 5-6! No more popping out to 7-11(there aren't any..Brits are lazy) at anytime of the day/night too! No suppers! No mamaks! And everything is so friggin expensive! I am still converting pounds to rm everytime I go out so I take hours to shop.

Nevertheless, this is still a good experience for me. When I arrived, the thoughts that came to my mind was that of how my research on companies would be like. Learning about England's economy, the credit crunch and all. It'd be a whole new experience for me. Starting from scratch unlike the Malaysian background that I learned all this while when I started college.

It's good exposure but I still miss home. I miss driving, eating cheap, sleeping in bed, playing with baby caryn and seeing Elle! I miss szechuan soup! I miss Nasi Kandar ! I mis...............and the list goes on. this concludes this post. And till then...tata!!

^Random Old Buildings