Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Warmth

I finally stepped foot into a mall after a long time(lol...not that long actually).It was after my exams that I was walking in one u I saw the Christmas deco being put up. A strange feeling came upon me...warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas. Then a flashback happened just like those movies..back when i was small. I used to anticipate Christmas months before it and I actually ticked the days to Christmases off on calendars that hung on my bedroom walls. When i went to shopping malls there would be carols playing and decorations hung up. On Christmas eve i would wait innocently by the tree and open 1 present...or maybe 2. The reason? i didn't want it to end all on one night so i waited to open the rest on Christmas day itself.Gosh thinking back makes me miss how it was last time.

I thought to myself. What happened these few years. The anticipation was gone and Christmas was...well... another day of the year. What happened to that warm fuzzy feeling i used to have? The answer was clear when the flashback ended. Why did i feel this feeling all of a sudden after years?? I realized that back then when i was a kid, i had no problems. No issues. No commitment of what sorts. As growing up responsibilities grow and that feeling just subsides. I suddenly had that feeling because i had finally ended my diploma and had holidays till feb! yeah...great joy...stress gone and all! So i guess that was why i had that same ol' feeling. I guess the song White Christmas really is really meaningful where it goes 'Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart, Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts'.

My past Christmases was pretty plain and boring as i really didn't have that Christmas mood due to loadsa probs and all. Well, i now realized that Christmas wouldn't be enjoyable if you don't want it to be. It all depends on how you want it to be.

Ps: Not forgetting the true meaning of Christmas where Christ was born on that day itself!!
Pps: Christmas is in exactly one month!


this portion of this post is dedicated to DingDong Yin Li....sweetli's sister...which also means my ex-stalker's sister...yes....i had to put that fact down...

well yinli is cute, has hot legs and a cun chick...but da fact that she is underage is such a pfft...
i have absolutely nothing else to say....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seafood 1-5!! And DBSK...heck...i think they fit in one category...

Knowing seafood friends make you do seafood stuff. I dedicate this post yet again to seafood esther from seafood skewl CHS (catholic high) where are the seafood come from.

This is inspired from their infamous 1-10 seafood finger poses....but we (jeff and i) got lazy and wondered how the seafood wasted so much time thinking of another 5 more..

^No. 1

^No. 2

^No. 3

^No. 4

^No. 5 .....*givesup*

for those who dunno....seafood = lala


I came across this picture while blog browsing....

Dun really know who they are i think they are dong ban shin ki or something...

look at the last guy's name....


A: Hey, im a, what's your name???

U-know: U-Know....

A: Urrr i dun think so...i just met you... so what's your name??

U-know: U-KNOW!!!

A: Now don't you start raising your voice at me. Who you think you are?

U-know: U-KNOW LA!!!

A: Think u damn famous or wat....expect me to know just lidat...

U-know: I AM U-KNOW!!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

OMG its the big E!!! exams stars in two days.. like omg....its my finals of my diploma...means after free from it.....till february... that's when degree starts...oh well...:P... but wth weiii...blasted teachers aint revealing marks anymore...means i dunno how much i need to pass!!! garhhhh!!!! hate it hate it hate exams ends on 30th but actually i can declare merdeka on the 24th...why?? cuz it's moral!!!! ill be off to singapore on the 1st... so anyone wants anythings pms mes...and prepare the cash of course!!! i don't have enuff spending money!!!

well... on a random note....i was sms-ing my BGF reminiscing the past...

Bryan: AHHAHAH i remmber last time when u were std 6 and u went around in oversized tee's going "hugg???!!??*insert cute look*" look at you...pffft....

Esther: was std 5 la...

Bryan: Ooh sorry...std 5...haha... but omg cute...

Esther: Shuttup. I was cute... AND HOT then... Haha. Now.. Im juz... Either one... Haha..

Bryan: OMG no!!! Cute i agree... BUT HOT!!! you cant be hot when you had boobs as big as mine back then!!!!

Esther: Good la... you know you so fat till you have boobs di la..

Bryan: Well at least i dun go "huggggg??!??!?!"

Esther: Haha.. Wth? Lol.. But std 5 not to be perasan but dat was my cutest year la. after dat puberty. Got into that ugly stage... last year end of it like dat only i started getting outta ugly stage. Haha.

Bryan: Im so gonna save this msg...

Esther: Ei... but seriously everyone has an ugly stage!!!


one word...

PERASAN!!!! ahahha

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tick Tag Toh

Since im no 1 in esther's tag list id have to do it for her sake la (nonsense...i was just bored...:P)

1. Tag victim has to come out with 8 different points about his/her ideal mate.
2. Gender of his/her ideal mate has to be mentioned.
3. Tag 8 other people and leave a comment on their blog.

She's gotta be at least something you can look at without puking..
Honestly, i really see won't even take initiative to talk to a girl which is an eyesore or makes you wanna slap her.

She's gotta be understanding..
Well, If you get into a relationship and no matter how it goes, it has to be an understanding one..what good is it if both the guy n girl don't understand each other??

She's gotta be willing to talk things out..
Personally, I really wish my ideal girl would be willing to talk things out if any quarrels or misunderstandings occur.. I mean, isn't it just fair?? For her not just to run away and face it maturely?? Then i don't have to keep giving in like i always do..:P

She's gotta have a sense of humour..
I am a funny guy.. everyone knows that... what good is a funny guy without a funny girl?? 'nuff said..

She's gotta be loving..
Aww c'mon im sure this has to be in everyone's ideal list... If she is not loving might as well date ur girlfriend on your computer dating sure even the artificial intelligence know how to love you.

She's gotta be open minded..
Geez.. it's scary when you find a girl who is hot beautiful but comes from kampung...i mean wahrao (sheet...cheeserland bug) skali she see u take of ur shirt to go swimming she close your eyes...hokay...that's not wat i really meant...i dun like ppl with narrow minds la...very hard to converse with...u gotta limit your vocabulary and all..

She's gotta be sexy..
I'm not saying HOT + SEXY... i mean...even an average girl can be don't need to be hot... well yeah...she has to at least know how to be sexy...a lil tease and turn on sparks a

She's gotta know how to appreciate..
I long for be really appreciated..even small surprises every know and then just to let me know i'm appreciated is well appreciated by the un-appreciated me..tongue tied!!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bond camp

As i was clearing my room...i came across a cd with waiyee's writing..

On closer inspection, i found out that it was the cd which contained bond camps i decided to pop it into my pc and reminisce the past... what made me laugh the most was this few really brings back alot of bittersweet memories..

in order top to bottom...

the victim...bentaysengkit...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A morning at St. Kiara

Ahh....since i had class for like an hour today, sarah and i decided to go to kiara for a morning jog after my class. I had to wake the pig up twice b4 she actually woke up...smelly pig...oh wells..

We started at the beginning of the hill at 10am and we started jogging after the 3rd/4th lampost... which ended in like a few minutes...haha...sarah couldn't take it anymore as she said she didn't exercise for like what???? 6 mths??? bahh...i just say she is lousy.. so we ended up brisk walking...Mcd's break fast was ending at 11am so we had to hurry up...the whole way we were motivating ourselves (actually sarah only) with hashbrowns ...ahahaa... as we jogged for awhile more...

We over took an uncle which in turn overtook us after we (sarah again) decided to stop jogging so, sarah decided to use him to set our pace..and guess wat, we(sarah's fault la) lost track of him soon..hahaha...she claimed that because we aren't allowed to feed the monkeys, they decided to feast on the tasty human in front of us thats why we lost track of him...not because he's faster....but just because the monkeys ate

And so we finished the track in half and hour...or so i we leaving the carpark rushing to mcds we finally drove by the uncle that overtook us earlier as he was getting into his car...and sarah went

" Look! we finally caught up!!! See we were smart, we let him think he lost us so he slowed down his pace and now we finally caught up!!!"


The pics...

"oooh landslide!!"^


 reads this way to your better health!! a motivation???^

well...this was sarah's!!!^


well....din take much at mcd's but urm....the hotcakes...isn't exactly tasty...

Yeah...i know i am...:P^

Sunday, November 04, 2007

30 days of night or watever u callit...

omg....i remembered telling myself long time ago that im nvr gonna waste money on watching thriller/horror movies...and i got conned into it yesterday...

stupid jeff /liku liku are (more about that later) responsible for it...i dunno who bought the tix without my knowledge.. thanks guys!! if it was jinfong(liku liku) id really say i wanna kill tell me not sure wat show we gonna watch...then u buy without notifiying me...arghhh!!! stupid liku liku...this proves you don't know me well u stupid shit...and jeff should know too!! i said i dowan to pay money to scare myself...bloody con men.... to the movie...i wouldn't say it's bad nor would i say its good...i wud have to agree with benyue that i WOULDN'T wanna spend money on this movie if given a choice again...cibet...grrrr....overall its an ok show which is worth DLing....(spend half the time peeping thru my fingers....who cares if im not man enuff.....i hate shit lidis)

now since liku liku did that to me...ima gonna repay my debt to him...

I decided to tell jinfong an innocent story

Bryan: Once upon a time, there lived this princess in a castle in a land far far away...this princess nvr stepped foot out of the castle b4. So on her 18th burfday, her parents decided to let her go out with one condition, a guard has to be with her at all times

Jin Fong was thinking hard edi...keeping his guard up incase this was another breast or thigh incident...

Bryan: Well, the princess and the guard ventured out into the forest....when the princess saw a tiger..the princess asked 'Guard, What is that?'. The guard replied ' you suck my c**k i tell u la'
So the princess went and did it and the guard told her that it was a tiger. They continued walking till they came across a gigantic elephant. The princess in wonder, asked the guard again 'Guard, What is that?' . The guard feeling horny again replied ' you suck my c**k again then i tell u la'. So the princess getting the hang of it did it again and the guard told her that it was an elephant. They continued walking this time further into the jungle till they came across a liku-liku...

Jin Fong: Urr... wats a liku liku...*realised his mistake* ah nonono wait!!


Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Gosh...

Im lacking energy!!! i can't carry a bag of groceries without straning such a wuss...

Thanks to yinwai, i din not sleep well... i couldn't hug Mr. Dadidums...i woke up occasionally to unwrap my hands from the bolster...bahhh....not good sleep ok!!

Anyways...i had no college today yet i had to go....poor me!!! i had to attend a practice for a presentation for one of my subjects....garhh....not happy mode...:(

Oh well....i dunno whetehr i shud go for CG today...very tired...i doubt i can stay awake while they watch yeah..dilemma!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fats, muscles and Rei2

BAHHHHH!!!! i've been going to the gym for the past 3 days... past 2 for cardio....wanna lose weight laaa...fatty fat fattums...:( yeah...actually all this motivation was given by yinwai and meng wei...they all damn muscular...but that's besides the point...i just wanted to lose my fats...:(...its not nice wei...seeing that urself fat when u were once slim and sexay(EHEHHEEHHE).

so yeah...been running/jogging for the past few days..and yeah...quite satisfied with my daily routine...till today...yinwai asked me to go to celebfitness with i agreed...i went solely to meet them and do cardio....but i fell into a trap...he made me work out on triceps and chest and i forgot was friggin tiring and hard work for a virgin like me ( pull ups not counted)

speaking of virgins..ahah..i saw rei rei for the 1st time in person...lolz...i knew she was supposed to go for her dance class...but she seemed i just tried looking for her...and like the first thing that came in my mind was....*look for the shortest girl* sorry rei rei!!! ahaha..but yeah...then i spotted like okay!! she dances well...

anyways msged her and had dinner with is as lamo as she is suprise :P...hokay la rei....your not as short as i expected you to be...lolz...thats a compliment k!!! long body short legs!!! kaki lang!!! well as character !! gr8 minds think my arms hurt like hell now...and yinwai said that tom is gonna kill me...and im sure it will...he also asked me not to hug my bolster to sleep....but Mr. Dadidums!!!! noooo!!!!

OH YAHZ!!! anyone wanna join me in the terry fox run this sunday??? so far jeffrey lim agreed...i mean jeffrey lim wor!!! if he can why cant u guys!!! but he'll go if ppl go...and i'll go if anyone go!!!