Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What The Cheese??

Following Cheesie's post on, i decided to browse through the ebay-like website.

Being a person who just got an ipod, i tried searching for accesories. I typed in Ipod in the search bar, and this is wat i got.


Ipod Apple Mp3 (18GB)

Placed by *** 22 Jan, 17:54.
Click to see the next image
Price: RM 700
-Mp3 with 18gb,you may download soooo many songs.
-white in colour.
-condition,good,excellent and look new.
-never spoilt.
-previous price RM1K.
-selling price only RM700.




1) It's called Apple Ipod not Ipod Apple.
2) The picture shows Ipod Nano 3rd gen.
3) 18gb WTFBBQMCDKFCA&W !!!!

I love her catch phrase :

Can i get apple to sue her?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i wanna foos... foos... foos....

and paintball alsoooooo....



random:- siesta during camp...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another job done with.

Yeaps, i quit again and wasn't because i couldn't take the workload.

Uni starts next mth. In a blink of an eye, almost one month passed by. It really doesn't seem that long. It seems like only yesterday iwas working at tgi celebrating newyear at laundry..oh well..

It kinda scares me. Imagine how fast time would pass once i graduate and start work. I'm already feeling it. Once i finish my studies, no more holidays, no more sem breaks, no more galavanting here and there. All i would have then would be...MCs and Annual leaves. I hope this last two years of study would prepare me for it then. I must treasure it. :P


On Saturday, Esther, Sarah, Bryan Lim, and i went to sunway lagoon. No. It wasn't a typo. Esther's friend shares my name. We went there for the Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 event as i had tix for it thanks to the place i worked at. One of the highlights was Esther being the bimbo she was, lost her all park ticket band. How, u ask? I don't know also. She bought the ticket from the ticket booth at the Water Park and apparently this time they only gave us the band but not wear it for us. Bad move Sunway...Bad move.. As Sarah and i had our tickets on already( we bought beforehand ), the three of us walked up to the Dry Park...Barely walking 15 metres from the booth i stole a glance at Esther's wrists. No Band. So i checked her hands. No band. She was messaging someone with her hp. And so i asked her where was her band thinking that she kept it in her pocket or something. She went "Oh ya hor!". I tell youuuu...that moment i really O.o" ...
She decided to back track so she and sarah quickly walked back all the way to the counter... i just u imagine..her attention span??lol... 15 metres only... and being malaysians ( come on don't deny) if we see something lying on the floor which is valuable, wouldn't you pick it up?? yeah...esther cudn find it back so she had to buy another...lucky for her it's rm 20 per tick cuz QS Revo subsidized it. We all really wondered how she cud lose it. I think can enter Guiness World Book of Records.

So we sat some of the 360 ship was our first. I never realized how thrilling it could be sitting at the edge of the boat. As we were queuing up for the mine train ride, Esther's Bryan sms-ed her asking for her tick and so she asked me for the ticket( as i was keeping it ). So as she was trying to get out of the queue while sms-ing him and climbing railings...Guess what i saw on the floor?? The ticket she asked from me 5 seconds ago. So how long does it take Esther to lose something?? Now u know...Not in the time span of the 15 metres. But in 5 seconds.

I guess when u think esther can do nothing more to look bimbotic...she suprises you..:P


Ps: Head over to Sarah's blog to see her fat model pics as Miss January 2008.

Pps: Speakin of paintball....LETS GO PLAY AGAIN GUYS!!! Who wants to go lemme know!! Apparently the place i went last used cheap paintballs that's why we got quite a good deal. The shrapnells of the paintball delivers cuts on impact. But i don't mind going back there for the sake of Jungle Warfare! The one Sarah went to only had those big colourful baloons.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quiksilver Revolution 2.0

Heyo!!! A lil update on the Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 event happening on the 26 of january which is next saturday!!

My friend has got some tix so if you want please leave me a note!!( around 5 left!!)

Google the quiksilver revo tour and see for yourself!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Eh, got discount arh???"

That's the first thing everyone who sees me or who finds out that im working in QS says.

No "How are you?" or "Is work good?".

Well, my answer is NO....No staff price for part timers so quit asking!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Season 5's 2 hour premiere of One Tree hill reminds me why i love that show so much ...:)..The show picks up where they left it at the end of season 4 4 years later. Woo nice la...cant wait to see the basketball parts( after all that was what got me interested.)

Work is fun!!! Had my first day on the roxy section and buooy ohh buooy did i enjoy!!! all the eye candy!!! heeeeeee....loves my job...hahaha...

I wasn't exactly right when i said that working cud take ur mind of being emo...maybe work at TGIF's cud cuz they wud work ur ass off... but working in Quiksilver is quite relaxing...especially on weekdays where there is no would tend to day of the sucki things is that you see couples come in and lovey dovey...and the bf wud buy stuff for the gf and she'd go..."omg!love you!" makes me jealousssss...sigh...i really miss having a gf...having someone there...which makes me kinda miss codename 171205.. had a few flashback memories about her today.. The stupid stuff we did.. there was this thing we did where we so childish but it was all fun...i kinda like made different sounds at every direction she playfully punched me and i had to get it right...if have to start over well...sillysweet memories...

oh well...cant wait for oth s5 epi 3!!!! woo wee!!!

PS: My apologies for misplacing the location tag for agape chapel..give face laaa...haven gone there for so long!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

1st day of work...again..

was great!!! not exactly...but oh well!!! so carefree...less tiring...wat i did all day was just stand there...litreally...ahh...but it can be quite boring....:P...

6 days after this you'll see me complaning...HAHAHA...

“Peyton: Do you miss him?

Brooke: Theres an ache in my heart where he used to be.”
-Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis

PS!!!!!!: ONE TREE HILL AIRS TOM!!!! WOO WEEEE*but we only get the torrent on weds...sobz...and now they cut the episodes into half due to the writer's strike...double sobz*

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Was wikimapia-ing some places till i came across


i was like whoaaa...some one tagged ssgc...

and so i went and...


helped tag agape...:P

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Quiksilver i got the quiksilver...starting next week but schedule isnt made yet...everything is more or less the same as tgif...cept...they pay you when u break...awesome shit...loves it...and you work 9 hours everyshift...oh yeah!! :P...

the cons are...if you're late work 1 hour without pay...omgbbqwtfbazookaboomboomboomiwantyouinmyroom... thats cares me...and parking...oh well...ill try to get by that...

so i decided to do esther's tag again for the fun of it...did it years ago but...things change!

here goes..

On the Outside
Name : Bryan 'chickenluck' Lim
Date of Birth : 3rd septembie 2007 (pah...this is getting old)1987
Current Status : single and looking
Eye Colour : Dark Brown
Hair Colour : Rusty Brown
Righty or Lefty : Righty
Zodiac Sign : Virgin Virgo

On the Inside
Your Heritage : Urm china???
Your Fear : I wouldn't say heights...tho it agitates me...i kinda like the thrill...true fear?? being broke??
Your Weakness : Girls. Seriously..all they do is stare at you with their fluttering eyelashes..and bye bye charlie!
Your Perfect Pizza : Dito it chicken or beef...but to top it all...a thick layer of parmesan on it...

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : Back in reality
Your bedtime : Not fixed...currently??1-4am
Your most missed memory : Our first kiss ( i won't say whoooooo )

Part 4:
Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Depends...coke more gassy...pepsi less gassy..see my mood
McD's or Burger King : Mcd all the way!!!
Single or Group Dates : Both. As long as your dating the right person then nothing matters.
Adidas or Nike : The 3 stripes.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Cappucino or Coffee : Coffee for hot...Cappucino ice blended.

Do You . . .
Smoke : Never tried never did. I dun really like ppl who do smoke...yeah...the irony..
Curse : I ain't no saint..
Drink : Special occasions?? I haven got drunk yet...nvr found my limit..

In the Past Month
Drank alcohol : New Years at Laundry..
Gone to the mall : Just today.
Been on stage : If you consider the church stage a stage...(i remember writing this the last time i did this tag)
Eaten sushi: Nope.
Dyed your hair : And got rashes from it... Allergic to Gatsby Hair Bleach.

Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game : Haha... sleepover at bentay's house when i was form 2...those were the days...
Changed who you were to fit in : Used to...till i got sick of it...especially when ppl get at me with me being chilidish and asking em to change...but i won't be who i am if im im proud to be childish...hate me for it!!

You're hoping to be married : I don't hope...if she's there then she's there

In A Guy/Girl
Best eye colour : Hazel (contacts la nowadays!!!)
Hair colour : Jet black or Brunette
Short or long hair : Short but i think im getting sick of it...everygirl cutting short now...not original

What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago : Doing this tag takes along time before you reach this part of the tag.
1 hour ago : Watching Top Gear.
1 month ago : Haha...urm in Singapore!!
1 year ago : next day.

Part 11:

Finish The Sentences
I love : big butts and i cannot lie.
I feel : lonely at the mo.
I miss : having a girl.
I need : cash, gadgets, girls, a mansion, a nice car, an aeroplane, access to world biggest parties and oh...did i mention girls??

Tag 5 People
One : B
Two : e
Three : s
Four : a
Five : i

Friday, January 04, 2008


Bah...everyone has skewl...and most ppl have college...this is getting boring...

Quiksilver said that they'll call im still bumming...went to watch national treasure 2 with my dad yesterday....i din even watch the first i think the show wasn't bad la.

Like i said...being too free causes emo-ness..haha...i tend to emo alot...and dreams makes things worst...tend to think alot on 'What ifs?'

oh well..

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The past got your tongue?


I hate it...absolutely hate it when the past east you up....
Don't you hate it when u go 'shalalala in the morning' and then 'tonight i wanna cry?'
From one instant u can be enjoying yourself and then ur mood can turn 360 180 (i have a knack of saying 360....its like...the bigger the number the better??) the other instant.
All it takes is something small...a piece of paper....a drawing...places?? not good...

Im emo-ing now as u can sucks at the mo....just got an application form from quiksliver today...hope i get hired...if i do, id be working with ket wai...
Hope working in a retail outlet wud be less stressful for me...i guess i should work soon before i emo more...

work=no time to emo....lounge around= emo alot....

i miss having a not desperate for one...i just miss having that fuzzy warm feeling...
i dunno....i might not be ready for new relationships because the scars are still there...but maybe hard not a playa and i dunno if ill ever be as i dun like hurting ppl....feel bad...and why do ppl think having alot of exs means playa??? poor command of english you ppl!

I dun think im a very nice person...:(...nvr the perfect guy...heck...i even suck at maintaining gfs...they all leave!!! *cue for some one to pujuk me here!!!*

But deep inside i really want wat's best for 'em (the exs)...i dunno if they know it but i have always been that way...tho at the beginning im sweeter and i change abit thruout the relationship...deep down..ill always be the same bryan...lalala

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What's your resolution???

I haven thought of mine yet...:P

Life was so relaxing after i quit tgifs...i stress...oh well...

Because i spend christmas eve working...i didn even know when was the countdown at all...everything seemed normal in tgif...i spent christmas day working as well..and im sad to say...that its not really the hype for christmas builds one mth b4 and it all goes away right after christmas day...sad..well they do say that there are 12 days of christmas...:P...

I am contemplating whether to continue finding a job or not as im kinda enjoying myself right now...but soon ill drop into the land of boredom once again...will that be my resolution???

I spent christmas eve doing at Laundry... the chilling with frens part is good la...haha...when i went to the loo, i dropped by and made fun of my colleagues..kakaka...poor fellas had to work...:P...
The weird thing about last nights countdown was that it was off by 5 minutes...the street party did their countdown...and no fireworks were shot...our group of frens also wished each other at the strike of twelve...but the fireworks only appeared after laundry did their countdown...

This post is mood to blog...

Ps: ahah...on the way to curve to pick my fren....hafiz (also my fren) from's rush hour called me...and we recorded our conversation on what my plans were tonight...thrown inside that convo were alot of funny hoped u guys stuck in the jam heard it...*around5-7? somewhere there la*