Thursday, October 25, 2007


Angeles (JINFONG) says (8:32 PM):stupid shit

Angeles says (8:32 PM):post the stupid chicken convo

Angeles says (8:32 PM):both pervs

i talk to much crap (Bryan) says (8:32 PM):benyue post first

Angeles says (8:32 PM):idiot

i talk to much crap says (8:32 PM):i merely copied

i talk to much crap says (8:32 PM):haha

i talk to much crap says (8:32 PM):ooh

i talk to much crap says (8:33 PM):call US the pervs

i talk to much crap says (8:33 PM):AHAHA

Angeles says (8:33 PM):of course

i talk to much crap says (8:33 PM):ahha

i talk to much crap says (8:33 PM):oh well

Angeles says (8:33 PM):so the point noone can tell whether you're asking decent questions or not

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):if it makes u happy

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM)::P

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):after all were not the ones who got urm...tricked

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):ahahah

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):the thing is

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):it was a repeat

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):cuz they asked in mamak b4

i talk to much crap says (8:34 PM):haha

Angeles says (8:36 PM):i wasn't aware it was asked before

Angeles says (8:36 PM):obviously when i wasn't around

Angeles says (8:36 PM):blasted pervs

Angeles says (8:36 PM):shouldn't ask any questions at all

i talk to much crap says (8:37 PM):ahhahaha

i talk to much crap says (8:37 PM):LOL

Angeles says (8:37 PM):decent ones made out to be perverted also

i talk to much crap says (8:37 PM):im sorry .....

i talk to much crap says (8:38 PM):for having so much fun laughing at you :p

Angeles says (8:38 PM) guys so enjoy pervertizing us decent ppl

i talk to much crap says (8:39 PM):HAHAHA DECENT

Angeles says (8:39 PM):DECENT

Angeles says (8:40 PM):unlike some PERVERTS


Woo Weee

College is friggin tiring. Long hours and have to wake up early for class. The weather is not helping's either too hot of too cold...but cold is nice...:)

The thought of college ending in a month is good but exams will be coming soon! Bah! I went and joined a contest yesterday. It has to do with coloured contacts and yeah for entering they gave you a pair daily contacts. Knowing how vein i am i hurried to sign no.. i din bother much but somehow somewhere i ended up joining. So yeah, when the site is updated pls go vote for me yeah!!!!

Other than the college blues, i guess life is pretty ok. Not so emo anymore which is good ;P. Wish i could find a job ler. Then got money to buy my stuff!!! My wishlist is expanding alot lot wei!!

I bought a new its more comfortable typing di...oh crap....i have absolutely nothing else to crap. Oh yeah...i am addicted to CS to play...:P...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To clean a keyboard....

I tot it was time to clean my keybod after so long since i had ppl wud just buy a new one... but i kiamsiap.... here's my story

lol...actually the true reason was the keybod acting i decided to pop some keys...

soon....i decided to pop all of it out...and clean it...

using a swiss knife....properly insert it between the gaps...and twist the knife ...

when it all comes out....use a brush(in my case i used a vacuum cleaner's brush) and brush out all the crap(hair, dust, dandruff, pei si, food, fingernail etc...) out of they keyboard..

5 years of crap living in my keybod...

the shitty part....painstakingly putting back the keys into its original position...

a tip b4 hand...wikipedia qwerty keyboard...and wala...bookmark it..

time to get it done : approx 1 hour

watch out for the nasty keys...they can cut u...seriously...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crap of the day!

disclaimer : i ripped this off benyue's blog...lazy to type

Thursday night at SS2indomee after jamming...

Bryan: Jin Fong, do you like breasts or thighs? (whispering)

Jin Fong: Thighs, no wait, the chest area....

Bryan: I didn't say chest, i said BREAST.

Jin Fong: Er i mean, yala, err breast... (reluctantly)

Ben: You like em' BIG or small?

Jeffrey: BIG got more JUICY.

Jin Fong: Erm medium..


Jin Fong: No wait, it depends on the girl..

(pause) (we burst out laughing)

Bryan: WHAT GIRL!?


Bryan: We're talking about chicken LA

( jinfong damn shy edi...till speechless...cant retort...hahaha...and guess wat he says after ahwile)

Jin Fong: ... I humour you guys only laaaa....

lolzzzz.....oh was kinda funny seeing jinfong dig his grave deeper and deeper...


aiyaaa....shit la...tom college 8-6 again...pffft

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just another silly weekend

Bah! I need the weekends to be longer...a two days break isnt good enuff...:(....

I hate mondays...oh well...who doesnt?? but my mondays and tuesdays are hell man! i have college from 8 am to 6 pm which is a darn killer...sobz sobz...

Im starting to feel that im such a loser di...everyday come back form college...go on online till its time to sleep ....then go to bed...then repeat the routine next i made a point...must go gym liao!!!

Life so far has been like going downhill...sucky things keep happening...i can only count the happy things that have happened for the shitty things are countless..:(..
I need to go on a holiday la...need a break...its been long since i went on a nice trip (going singapore doesn't count laaa)....

Poor like he ultra jixed lidat...ahha...he was complaning bout his car as it needs servicing...and then so happen his HID lamps spoil...then awhile later the lamp that lights the interior of the car died also...he was in a KNN mood...

Ran out of topics to blog...:(

Monday, October 15, 2007


I fell into a trap laid by sammie... had to do the tag even tho i skipped reading it... who knew that witch cud be so cunning...:(

Seven things to be done before my death
1. Bungee Jump.
2. Skydive.
3. Go around the world.
4. Get a wife.
5. Be rich.
6. Find true love.
7. Murder sammie for this.

Seven things that i will not do even if it kills me.
1. Have sex with a guy.
2. Be a transvestite
3. I would not dig a my eyeballs out in order to get the key which would open the headclamp on my head which would kill me if its not opened in a time limit( Saw)
4. Get together with a 5 year old.
5. Go to a place and study/live with no internet connection. No Tv. No phone lines and girls!
6. Make love with animals.
7. Fall for sammie's tricks again.

Seven things I do when I'm away from the public
1. Cry.
2. Daydream/Fantasise
3. Make out??? oh wait...i DO do that in public.
4. Something really embarassing.
5. Sing till i go outta tune
6. Vandalise?
7. Stalk sammie... >: (

Seven fav sentences/quotes.
1. The hardest thing to do and the right thing to do are often the same
2. Better love than lost than not being loved at all (sarah's gonna kill me)
3. Life is like a flock of chickens
4. The heat from the sun can't compare to how hot Bryan is
5. You don't miss your water till ur well runs dry.
6. Hard-o gay!!!! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!7. LOLZ (its a damn sentence....i dun care)

Seven favourite songs from all time
1. You don't miss your water till your well runs dry - Craig david
2. Kau - Dua
3. All or nothing - o-town
4. Perfect - Simple Plan
5. Dance floor anthem - Good charlotte
6. Never had a dream come true - sclub7
7. Do you knoe -enrique iglesias

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did
1. Blow my bottle. I usually was able to bottle things up for a long i just dun blow it.(hehe sounds wrong)
2. Stop asking me to get over it. It's not like a switch where u can turn on and off.
3. Be a Mr know-it-all at everything even thou know u are wrong.
4. Repeat wat i say and steal glory at time. Its wtf wan ok.
5. TELL ME THE TRUTH. Please lie to me. the truth hurts..:(
6. Call me ugly.
7. Say im gonna be bald in 30 years time. You know who you are.

Seven people to tag
1. Jin Fong.
2. Henry.
3. Bentay.
4. Jadeline.
5. Ben Yue.
6. Rei rei
7. Eleen Ang.

(i would tag jeffrey but sarah stole him)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just My Luck

Omg....i swear there is a shadow of bad luck cast upon me...

First... my wallet....gone...alot of sentimental valued items were in there....not to mention cash...

Then....i dunno how in the world my ipod screen got scratched when i carefully handled it and tried to prevent anything to make contact with it...though they are small scratches...but still....

Then my internet had to stop working...till now i dunno wats the prob....modem, splitter...line???

Then i went to a cyber cafe near my hse with the intention to chat and blog...and omg....the cyber which i spend my first time blogging last time turned out to be a smokehouse...last time ppl used to dota all's left are immigrants...and they are allowed to smoke...i din last 5 mins in there...

Then I got to talk with this hot chick who was working for maxis at my college...i know she studies at help...that she studied psychology....and that she is planning to do business...but...i din ask for her number...:( ...NO BALLZ

I'm now in another cyber cafe which is ....cleaner and urr....more high tech...shits sure there is more to come....i still feel my luck hasnt changed....sigh....why la...:(